Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Paganism

Welcome to the Carnutian Nemeton, also known as Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutes) or Tegos Branorunânon (House of Raven Secrets). This is a space dedicated to Gaulish Paganism, Gaulish Druidism, all things Druidic, and the exploration of spirituality and culture. As a Druið, I am inspired to honor our Ancestors, Gods, and Spirits, and to reconnect to Gaulish customs, culture, spirituality, religion, and the cosmos.

My personal journey is guided by the philosophies of Alchemy, Stoicism, and Liminality, which serve as my torch to inspire and illuminate to help guide others to their own paths. As Priest of Awen, I want to help illuminate the Awen within the individual. I am a Druið of Drunemeton and Galatîs Litauiâs and a Delgaunos of Touta Nouiogalation. Additionally, I am a Grand Grove member Druid of the Ancient Order Of Druids in America (AODA) and a Deacon in the Gnostic Celtic Church (GCC).

The Horned Raven and the Wheel – My Symbols
The horns on the raven are seen as a symbol of the third eye or inner vision, representing the ability to see beyond the limitations of the physical world and to access deeper levels of consciousness. In this sense, the horned raven represents the process of psychological integration and wholeness, as well as the idea of spiritual transcendence. The Horned Raven symbolizes the power to transcend the limits of rational thought and connect with the mystical and intuitive aspects of the psyche to bring spiritual illumination.
The wheel has many meanings but truly, that of the journey of the soul through the Cosmos.

The Three Laws, known as Trirextoues, are a set of principles in Gaulish Paganism Given to us by the Senodruies (Ancient Druids) They are: Dugie Dêuûs “Honor the Gods”; Gneie ne drucon “Do no evil”; and Delge āxtam “Hold your behavior”.

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Dêuoi cantite (gods with you)

These are the teachings of the Druides

  • “Honor the Gods, Do no evil, Hold your behavior.”
  • “Our souls and the cosmos are indestructible.”
  • “Our soul does not die. Instead, after death, it passes from one body to another.”
  • “We are concerned with divine worship and the performance of Rites.”
  • “There is nothing more sacred than the Mistletoe and the Oak.”
  • “We do not participate in war.”
  • “A Druið can take you beyond limitations into boundlessness.”
  • “Your body is just a home for your soul.”
  • “A Druið is beyond the Light and Dark and good and evil.”
  • “A Druið does not try to understand the mysteries; they live them.”
  • “A Druið knows the will of the Deoui.”
  • “A Druið is uplifted by searching into secret and sublime things.”
  • “The Druið looks to Divinity, As within Divinity lays being.”
  • “A Druið understands that our essence is linked with that of the Deoui.”
  • “We come from the mother, we will return to her.”

These sayings revolve around the beliefs, practices, and wisdom of the Druids, as taught by the Druið in the forest of the Carnutes. They touch on various aspects of life, such as spirituality, morality, knowledge, and the mysteries of the universe. More to come…