Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

Subuta! (Welcome), to the Carnutian Nemeton or Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutes). A Galatibessus/Druid Space

Trirextoues/The Three Laws
Dugie Dêuoi – “Honor the Gods”
Gneie ne drucos – “Do no evil” 
Biue eni mêdê – “Live in honor”

Dêuoi cantite.

We Galatis are here for the people and with the people.
We stand against tyranny and oppression.
The folkish, Neo Nazis, Islamophobic, Homophobic, Racist, and all the other shit views of the small-minded so-called humans we will not tolerate. We will go out of our way to address your actions.
Our Carnyx blows loud, and our Dêuoi are many.