Ducospiâ Carnuton

Gaulish Polytheism

Ducospiâ Carnuton
(Rebellion of the Carnutians)

There are 2 days within the history of the Carnutes that I feel are of value and importance to making a minor Îuoi day from.
This Îuoi (holiday) is for remembrance and to honor those that came before.

The history of the Carnutes are in my opinion are the highest importance for the history of Gaul. Also overshadowed by other events within Gaul.

The Rise

On February 13, 53 Bc The leaders of the Carnutes Cotuatus (Gutruatus) and Conconnetodumnus Raised up against the occupation of Rome in their territory. This was the start of the rebellious fire that spread all around Gaul.
With that, it was also the end of the Carnutes as Rome retaliated in the following year.

The Fall

In the summer of 51 BC, the exact date is unknown. Caesar head back to The Territory of the Carnutes from his victory in Alesia and Captured Cotuatus (Gutruatus) and killed him this put an end to the main uprising In all of Gaul. It is said Caesar was hesitant to kill him.

It is also a time for the Druids to mourn the destruction of the Sacred meeting spot within the Carnutes territory. This was one of the events to their destruction within Gaul.

These two days or two points in time in history will become our Îuoi.
This minor Îuoi is about uprising about standing for what you believe in. Freeing oneself and others from tyrannical minds that would oppress you and your fellow people. Remember that in order to live free we have to fight for it. Speak your mind be loud and stern.
With this day do something to honor those that faced the tyrannical forces head-on.

Speak out and up to those that would harm you or others. This is about remembering those that fell in their uprising. 
​Help folks understand what oppression is. Go to the streets and speak up. Make signs and hang them around your area. As these kinds of events are a constant in time the people rise up against imperial thought and dominion over their realms.

This day will be celebrated on Elembi 9 using our Coligany Calander

Outdoor Dedmatâ (Outdoor Ritual)

Glanosâgon (Purification)

If near a house, shower and wash hands. If not, cleanse with hands with water try to be reasonably clean.
After cleaning hands, say “Glanolamâs” (Clean hands)
Wipe forehead and say “Glanobritus” (Clean mind) Wipe face and say “Glananaman” (Clean soul/spirit)

Louceton (Lighting)

Lighting the Aidû (sacred fire)
Light fire and say “Deuiu-mi aidûn” (I light the sacred fire)
A small offering to the fire is appropriate. “Rodîu-mi do aidû”
Offering to Nemetonâ “Rodîu-mi adbertâ dû Nemetonî” (I give offering to Nemetonâ)
Give offering. “An urexet-si sin comarion noibon” (May She make this place sacred)

Uediâ (Invocation)

We invoke Mogetius, He who is the power of the tribe, He Who is the protector of the boundaries and the keeper of the Just.
We invoke Segats, She of the curative waters, She the protector of our prosperity, who wields the shield and sword of truth.
We invoke the ancestors, Old families of the old tribe,
We invoke the Druis, the keeper of the secret’s of the motions of the cosmos

Natâ (Chant)


The People Remember
The People Rise
Carnyx, Carnyx

Adbertâ (Offering)

We ask for protection in the face of oppression and tyranny. We ask for righteous actions to flow with us and from us. We ask for knowledge to be our greatest weapon. We ask that we will never forget the great sacrifice.

Mogetitus may your power protect
Segeta may your waters heal
Ancestor’s may you give us your memories
Druis may we carry on your task

“Slaniâ suos Trugiâ suos Molâmos-nis suos ”
(Cheers to you Thanks to you We praise )

“Trougiâ ac molatus dû Nemetonî”
(Thanks and praise to Nemetonâ)

“Trougiâ do aidûn”
(Thanks to the sacred fire)

“Iâmos-nis eni sedlê”
(We go in peace)

This ends the ritual. Put out the fire when appropriate.

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