Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

The image above is a modified version of a snake from a coin found in the Carnutes territory. It represents the rebirth and renewal of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið traditions of Gaul into the Modern age. The three eggs are added to represent the three traditions. Inscrîbatus (Sigil, Mark) I created for the Gaulish Bardos, Uātis, and Druið.

We create Inscrîbatus (sigil) to help with our intentions and to manifest our will to bring our desires to the forefront. These are magical symbols that hold unique energies when looked upon. Meditating on them can give one a more profound meaning to a thing. They can transform your thoughts into actions. They hold the key to bringing things to life within you. Under the dark canopy of your thoughts, when you can’t truly grasp a thing, it’s essential to visualize the Inscrîbatus since it will help bring things from the unconscious. They are the seeds that influence us and the world around us.

These symbols are taken from images within Gaulish Coins. I spent some time looking at many coins to try and find repeating images that represented my feelings. I felt that repeating images would have had an obvious significance to the ancient Gauls. Now what that was, I have not a clue, and I’m not claiming to. I personally wanted to stick with the Carnutes territory for the images that are on the coins as the Carnutes territory was sacred to the Senodruides as it was the place that they would assemble once a year. Again I was still looking for repeating images from coins all around Gaul. So I created a few different ones and put them around my house to feel their energies. I meditated with each one for hours, and the three below are the ones that spoke to me and had the vibrations I was seeking.

Now the definition for each symbol is subject to change and evolve as these traditions grow. The Bardos, Uātis, and Druið are not a class or a group of people recognized in the Gaulish Polytheist spaces yet (But I will change that). Drunemeton is my passion, as well as creating, so I felt that I personally needed these Inscrîbatus in my life. I am not claiming any authority on the matter. If you chose to use these to help deepen one’s understanding and to help connect to the Senogalatis in these specific roles, that’s great, as that is the purpose.

These Inscrîbatus are ready to use. I have brought them from the otherworld and asked the Senogalatis to guide me in the creation of them.
To gather the energies from these, you will need to Draw them and Chant their name.

These Bardos, Uātis, and Druið are separate things from each other they are costumes/traditions on their own, not a ladder to climb to get to the top. Each is of the most essential value.


This Inscrîbatus is found on a coin from Northwest Gaul in the territory of the Carnutes. Now this image is also found on a few other coins around Gaul. This coin is thought to be from around 100-50 BCE. The image is speculated to be a stylized Lyre – one of the reasons I picked it.
This image, whether or not it is a Lyre, matters not because it is now. This Image really resonated with me in the Bardos sense. The circle represents The Bardos the stems coming from it represent the power of the Bardos, inspiring and resonating with the people connecting the people with what the Bardos is trying to relate you to. Transcending you to another place. It is the magical flow of poetry, song, storytelling, and the arts in their many forms. So in all, the Lyre is the perfect Inscrîbatus for the Bardos.

Find out more about Bardobessus Here.


Inscrîbatus found in the Carnutes territory. Speculated to be from around 150 BCE. This is another one that the symbol is found all around Gaul and even scribed in stones at sanctuaries and healing shrines for curative Dēuoi. This is thought to be an eye that makes sense as it looks just like one. I felt this is perfect for the Uātis role as eyes are very special and hold a mystery to them. In many cultures worldwide, eyes are seen as a symbol of prophecy, literarily seeing the things to come. The ability to see the connection of the natural order of things around the self. So for me, the iris is the self looking and watching what is around you. The two lines are the voyage of life to death or death to life. These are the walkers of Antumnos (The Otherworld), seeing the magical flow in all things and teaching the high mysteries of nature. This Inscrîbatus is a pure representation of what a Uatis is.

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Now, this Inscrîbatus is two different symbols binned together. The first is from a coin in the Carnutes territory before 52 BCE. It is a bulleted cross. The second comes from the Narbonensis territory dating to around 100 BC. It is a Cross with a dot in the center, a crescent in three quadrants, circle above the crescent in the fourth quadrant. When I saw these two images, I eminently saw them together. Unlike the first two images, this one holds more mystery itself. This Inscrîbatus represent the mysteries of the cosmos along with our connection to Drus (The World Tree) and the 3 realms Dubnos, Bitus, and Albios. This Inscrîbatus is the cycle of all things. You will see within the quadrants is the moon relating to how the Senodruides keep track of time. You will also see in the lower left quadrant a circle next to the moon. This is the planet Venus (Sirona). On the outside, you will see the circle representing the 8 celestial bodies around us. The cross represents life to death and death to life. The circle means the cycle of all things. We can see our great wheel within, as that has many meanings. A Druið studies the deep meaning in all that is. One that shows you the mysteries of knowledge. They are the Theologians, Philosophers, and Religious leaders.

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Again I’m not claiming the ultimate authority on the matter but only trying to help bring this to light. These are modern interpretations of these symbols. There are many things within each one of these that needs to be more hammered out and quenched off.

Please don’t modify these images. This is how they came this is how they remain until the time comes for them to change.

Dêuoi cantite

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