Invocation to Cotuatus

Cotuatus (Gutruatus)

Uediâ (Invocation)

I invoke Cotuatus

Holder of the voice and the spear

Warrior Priest of the Carnutes Those of the Horns

Master of Îanolabâ (Right Speech)

Destoyer of oppression

Great freedom fighter of the Galatis

You showed us Uâriâ (duty)

I give offering and thanks to you

Adbertâ (Offering)

I ask for your strength to help me with facing my oppressors.

Cheer to you

Thanks to you

I praise you Cotuatus

I go in peace

An invocation to one of the Carnutes leaders, Cotuatus was a priest called a Gutruatus (master-of-invocation). 
One can just Honor Cotuatus so light a candle, some incense, and that is it. One does not have to ask for anything.
Find more info about him HERE.

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