Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

Within Galatibessus (Gaulish Customs), we hold sacred a world tree called Drus.

Drus sprouts from within the depths of Dubnos.
Bringing rise of the trunk into Bitus. 
For its canopy to reach for Albios.


Reflect upon the philosophy and symbology of Drus, and one can start to see the motions of the cosmos. We can begin to grasp the cycles that are around us, connecting us to that which is hidden. Drus is like a mighty column holding that which is and is not together.

As the acorn sprouts, it begins to create life not for just itself but for many other things seen and unseen. When the time comes for this tall standing tree to fall and decay, it will still give life, just not in the same way. The cycle will repeat from the death of the acorn, which in its transformation to a new state of being now a mighty oak, will shed its life force, and the acorn repeats.

We will not discuss a lot about all this at this time. As this must come from one’s mind, for if I give you the ideas, it will not help with one’s individual illumination. That is something one must do on one’s own.

The tree is an excellent Inscrîbatus (symbol) for understanding life to death, death to rebirth, and rebirth of life. It also helps us to comprehend the three realms.

The Realms

  • Dubnos, the deep underworld. The realm of death to life
  • Bitus, The world of in-between. The realm of rebirth
  • Albios, the upperworld. The realm of life to death   


The image above has a few different meanings or rather interpretations. I will not state them at this time as to leave it up to the observer to ponder what other hidden themes I have within. If one has read my other articles, one could easily find the hidden meanings. That which is above, also is that which is below, creating that which is inbetween for it to be that which is the same.

The image is inspired by art on Gaulish/British coins.

The Word

The WORD Drūið (Druid) means one who knows Drus (the world tree)

Drūið is made up of two words: Drus (The world Tree) and Uits (To Know), as this gives us Drūið. The linguistic work can be found in The Dictionary of Gaulish nominal themes by Xavier Delamarre. 


These thoughts do not represent the greater Gaulish community or Galatibessus. Instead, these words here hold true for me as all this brings us to Uissus Druidicos (Druidic wisdom). 

Extra Note

One might have noticed that I have information or aspects on Druidobessus in most of my articles at the end of all my articles. Furthermore, within these, it states that I will (Talk About It Later On). As I will, this is all leading to writings I am doing that will be housed in Druidobessus. These articles in The Carnutian Nemeton are but fragments of the whole. I am always starting with a philosophical approach that leads to an Inscrîbatus (Symbol). These are my magical ways of manifesting thoughts.

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