The Pempocelon and Sironâ

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

This article will have many folks rolling their eyes about the concept I’m putting out there. This article will be based on the fact that the Druides studied the motions of the cosmos. 

A Little History

A symbol we find on many Gaulish coins is that of the Pentagram. I know it might be hard to see this symbol without connecting it to Wicca or Witchcraft, or any other of the other possibilities out there. The Pentagram is an ancient symbol with roots that are not Wicca or Witchcraft. 

The Pentagram goes back to around 6000 BCE in the Middle East. In the ancient Sumerian Culture, the word ub was depicted with a pictogram of a Pentagram. It is also suggested that the Sumerians believed it represents the four corners of the Earth and the upward point represents the Vault Of Heaven. It is also suggested it represents the five planets we can see with the naked eye.

Pythagoras believed that the Pentagram was a symbol of perfection. The name he gave it was Pentalpha, as it consisted of five geometrical perfects. There is a theory that in Pythagoras’s travels, he influenced other cultures with the Pentagram. Pythagoreans were forced out of the cultural worldview of the elitists in Greece and had to go into hiding. They used the Pentagram to identify with one another. To the Pythagoreans, the Pentagram represented the human. They saw it as a mathematical perfection per the Golden Ratio. We find the Pentagram on many items from the Greeks, Romans, Gauls, Etruscans, and many other cultures. Now, if any of these are true, I have no clue. 

Albert Mackey states that the Druides wore the Pentagram on their sandals, which seems to be a very fantastical idea as there are many about the Druides.

We can go for ages about the symbolic meaning of the Pentagram, from ancient to contemporary ideas to factual and highly fantastical. Still, I will not, as I only wanted to lay out that the symbol is not just a Wicca and Witchcraft symbol.

Now, precisely what it meant, Senogalatis is up for debate. As we have no way of knowing this, but within Drunemeton, we will create a meaning for it.

This Inscrîbatus will represent the dance of Venus. 

Many ancient cultures associated Venus with the feminine and fertility powers. The ancients also used her for farming. Venus marks the movements of the day that turn to the night and the night that turns to the day. For the ancient Druides, I’m sure they knew not only that Venus was a sign for the dark and light of the times to come. But also, I’m sure they understood the movement of Venus in its cycles around the cosmos. Now I have mentioned Venus before in another article as Venus is excellent for creating an 8-year cycle. Now is the time we get into that.

Associated with Sironâ

Within Drunemeton, Sironâ is associated with the star Venus as her name has to do with the word Sirâ, meaning “star”. She was paired with Grannos, a healing Deuos like herself, and also Apollo. She is depicted with snakes and eggs, symbolizing healing and rebirth. Often seen coming with the healing waters of Samos as her waters bring renewal and fading with the dark coming waters of Gaimos. A Deuos of the beauty of cycles with her magic laying deep within the wells of Drus.


(Invocation for Sironâ)
We/I invoke Sironâ
First star in the sky
Mother of the springs
Healer of the sick
First, from the darkness, you hold the promise of better days
We/I give offering and thanks to you
I ask for blessings to the Galatîs
Thanks to you
Cheer to you
I praise you Sironâ
I go in peace

Symbols associated with Sironâ
Eggs, Snakes, Diadems, Stars, Fruits/Cornucopias, Natural Springs, Wells
She is associated with Venus, Healing, Fertility, Rebirth, Sovereignty, Cycles, and Devotion.

locations of all the inscriptions to Sirona if you feel the need to research

Country, Region, Locality, God, Assimilation, Companion

  • Germany Alzey Sirona Apollon
  • Germany Augsburg Sirona Diane Apollon Grannus
  • Germany Aumberg Sirona Apollon Grannus
  • Germany Bitburg Sirona Apollon
  • Germany Grossbotwar Sirona Apollon
  • Germany Hochscheid Sirona Apollon
  • Germany Mainz Sirona
  • Germany Maximiliansau Sirona
  • Germany Mühlburg Sirona
  • Germany Nierstein Sirona Apollon
  • Germany Wiesbaden Sirona
  • Austria Vienna Sirona
  • France Gironde Bordeaux Sirona
  • France Côtes-d’Armor Corseul Sirona
  • France Cher Flavigny Sirona Apollon
  • France Vosges Graux Sirona Apollon
  • France Haute-Saone Luxueil Sirona Apollon
  • France Moselle Walschbronn Sirona Apollo, Nymphs
  • Italy Rome Sirona Apollon Grannus
  • Romania Sirona Apollon Grannus
  • Romania Sarmizegetusa Sirona Apollon Grannus
  • Suisse Augst Sirona Apollon
  • Germany Niedaltdorf Sirona?
  • Germany Worms Sirona?
  • France Côte d’Or Nuits-Saint-Georges Sirona? Apollon
  • France Meurthe-et-Moselle Sion Sirona?

The Dance of Venus

The movent of Venus in the cosmos makes out a Pentagrammic Pattern. I will try to make this very simple to understand as it can get complicated for some to wrap their thoughts around.

Looking from the Earth’s point in the sky, the Sun goes around the Earth 8 times, Venus goes around the Sun 13 times, and makes out a Pentagram.

This is called The Pentagram of Venus because it has five positions where Venus makes its closest approach to the Earth at basically the same spot in the sky. At each point, Venus moves backward, which is called a retrograde motion.

So, every eight years, there are five inferior conjunctions of Venus. 

The eight-year period ends when the motion of Venus reaches back to its eastern elongation. And that will be when it aligns with the Pleiades, which last year, on April 3, 2020, marked the new cycle.

The location of Venus against the horizon appears to change with the seasons, much like the sun. In the summer, Venus moves north, and in the winter, it moves south. The exact amount Venus changes each year depends on where it is in its 8-year period, but the northern and southern extremes of the back-and-forth oscillation are known as Venus’s northern and southern extremes. At any of these times, an observer can see Venus rise.

There is way more to all this Im just keeping this very simple. I will get more into all the details later.


Magical Understanding

Pempocelon (Five-Pointed Star)
So within Drunemeton, we have a cycle of 8 years. Eight years is a significant number to start big things in one’s life. I’m not talking about little things but life-changing things. It’s a journey of proper understanding, balance, and achievements in one journey with Venus.

As usual, with the Inscrîbatus, I have many meanings behind them, and I will share a little about Pempocelon. Still, with most of them, they are a Secret set of Ideas one can only understand within Drunemeton.

This is the Inscrîbatus of the self in accurate alignment with one’s Devotion. We have a Pempocelon made up of a snake, and there are snake eggs at each point representing rebirth at each moment Venus makes its closest approach to the Earth. Symbolically the eggs represent this.

When Venus goes into its retrograde motion, it will become a time to do inwardly work. 

  • Reflection of one’s values,
  • Reflection of one’s work
  • Reflection of one’s motivations
  • Reflection of one’s self-worth
  • Reflection of one’s journey
  • Reflection of one’s goals
  • Reflection of one’s community
  • Reflection on service to the Deuoi

Resonating with Pempocelon

How can we enhance fertility within and around us? 

How can we honor feminine powers? 

Now, this is just a basic of Pempocelon. There is more involved within.

For me, the 8 year cycle started 3 years ago (UPDATED) at its beginning. It was when I started the creation of Drunemeton. So with that, it is an 8-year journey of creation and destruction. This gives us plenty of time to develop all that needs to be developed, and it allows others to join in on the development. You might ask why have you not created an Intro to Drunemeton; well, this is symbolic as I’m working backward in its creation; the end is its beginning. This reflects on the movent of Venus; when it approaches Earth as it moves in retrograde. Which comes from the Latin Retrogradus, which means “backward step.”

Empower yourself and walk the motions of Venus within Pempocelon. Bring forth a greater connection to the cosmic cycle of rebirth and shine bright in all you do. Pempocelon gives us consistency and gifts of beauty.

Pempocelon helps one to get in touch with the motions of nature and not be so reliant on the systems we created that can separate us from nature. Walk with the Divine.   

Looking to the outward to see that which is inward as well as at the same time looking to the inward to see that which is outward.


What is presented here is Gnosis within Drunemeton and does not reflect the greater Gaulish Communities.

When it comes to the references to the Dance of Venus it is just common knowledge I have. One can easily find things in any Encyclopedia. 

The inscription locations come from many books, and I will be giving references to all that in a Greater Article I’m slowly working on.

I tried the best I could to make a very complex scientific understanding very much elementary.

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