The Carnyx Sounds

The Carnyx blows, this time not about Hate groups but rather about reflecting on the thought that there is people behind these words we speak online.

I know there are those out there that do not like me. Well, probably the majority of you all, and that’s OK. I came off as stern and straightforward, and that is hard for some to take. Folks don’t like that I keep things simple for them to read and define things that some would instead those things not be defined. We are evolving; things are constantly being defined. I’m not and Academic I’m just a hole digger.

I have been In the Greater Gaulish and Druid Community for some time now, and I love seeing the work that each of you is doing. The Artwork, Poems, Prayers, Recipes, Deep research on various topics from tribes to animals. It is such a great thing to see Gaulish things help people break out of the self’s shadows and use these things to motivate your momentum. I know it can be hard to share something you are passionate about with the world. The fears that linger outward can harm your approach. Pay no mind to that fear most of the time in our world that is people talking down about what people are doing because it doesn’t fit with their narrative. Now, of course, we all are not going to agree with everything everyone has done. But we don’t need to go out of our way to bash what folks do. Live with honor towards your virtues.

I look at it like this if I walk into my friend’s house and they point to the wall and say, look at the new painting I just painted, what do you think?
Say I don’t like the painting. Im not going to say those things as to destroy the confidence they needed to uplift their spirits would be most cruel for me to do. Instead, I will say that it is incredible that you learned how to paint and that you accomplished something that takes dedication and hard work. I love that you painted it because its more than the finale thing it’s the journey with the self that is the actual painting. They painted themselves the glows and joy they now have. The painting is but a symbol of that.

We must be mindful and treat others as we would like to be treated.

Now I’m not much of a writer as it feels like a task or a job for me. It is not fun, but I feel an urge to write things on my blog. I know I don’t use fancy words, and I’m not good at forming sentences; my knowledge is very little with grammar. I’m always self-conscious about each thing I write. My 8th-grade schooling going up against folks who are well educated is very stressful as I feel like my stuff is not worthy because of the lack of Academic education. Truthfully, it feels that the only way to be taken seriously is if I had all those things. But instead, I left home at an early age to move with my dad to learn about another part of myself, but unfortunately, that took a turn for the worst as I was thrown into a mental ward for basically expressing myself. That in itself created deep psychological problems for me, mainly self-expression mix that with words I get lost super easily.. Not too long later, I was kicked from school for not standing for the flag and getting into fights as I could not take the bullying from others any longer. So I had to work learning how to do all kinds of things to survive on my own. I did not have time for fun; indeed, everything was serious for me.

I only say these things so you can understand that behind the profile picture behind the art and blogs, there are people. People that deal with things within, we each have something to deal with. We should always be mindful of this.

The Gaulish Community is my Tribe, and please do not talk down on it. There are people within a community very smart and passionate people. To disrespect these folks cause one does not agree with there stuff is very toxic. You can talk all the things about me. I don’t care. I have learned to take the bullets and build with the stones you throw, but please don’t talk about my tribe members. Be virtuous and honorable in your actions and words. Be more concerned about how you are presenting yourself then with what we are doing. Bashing and name calling is not cool it is called being a bully. You can really damage folks mental sates with simple words.

This Tribe is what makes sense to me. To see it grow more every day is very special to see. To learn new things from each person is magical. Whether that’s art, an article, or simply words is a joy to see all of your contributions.

So you folks that don’t like me or what I’m a part of, please let us do our thing. We don’t go into your places telling you all how to do things. We are trying to be a community and to share with each other our different approaches. Its disheartening to see other peoples work compared to others as that’s not what is about its not a competition or race, Its not this person or group does it better. I created the Gaulish Polythiesm/Galatibessus Website to showcase Everyone’s stuff no matter if I agree with what they are doing or not. Cause I care about each person that makes up the community.

Learn how to balance and walk between.

May the Deuoi Guide us in our actions.

The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.

When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them.


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