Deep in the heart of Gaul Is a Town known as Cenabum, modern-day (Orléans) through this town flows a great river called the Loire. This river was crucial for the peoples of the area. This town shared a special relationship with this river as it was a key area for trade and commerce. There have been many findings in this area, from African Coins to Greek wine bottles. It seems people came from afar to sit around the Loire in Cenabum.

Cenabum must have been a sight. We know that it was very active trading and Crafting town and held the annual meeting place for the Druides. Well the territory of The Carnutes that is. If it was Cenabum who knows.

The Name Cenebum 

Celtic word “Cen” (‘point’) and “Avon” (‘Water’) suggesting a point on the Water. 

Histoire de Villes de France”, Paris, 1855, p. 575 ff 

Place of Distribution

Jacques L. Pons

Just imagine floating down this river to take your trade goods to the heart of Gaul. As you pass under a great bridge You are thinking, wow, I cant wait to see what folks are talking about that lay within the center of the Carnutes and all of Gaul. You pull your boat ashore as you look up, the sun is warm and bright, but the sight of the dark clouds that are slowly moving is troublesome for you, but you are greeted with the sounds of children playing their Gaulish games (who knows what they were). As you walk into the streets of Cenanbum, you hear hammers ringing from the swords and crafts being formed on the metals from the smiths. You take a closer look, but the golden shine from the nearby goldsmith is blinding your sight. As you get distracted by the magnificent views of the coopers making their wine barrels, this is something you have never seen before. But are sone interrupted by a fast wagon racing up the streets that came unhooked from its horse spilling grain all over. You see a disturbance up ahead, but the sight of the Bardos playing and singing with their instruments puts you in a trance state as this was the most beautiful sound.

You carry on making your way to the center of Cenabum. You pass warriors training; it seems to be getting louder from the sounds of the warriors drinking and just having a good ole time. One of them asks you if you wanted a drink; you are very thirsty, so you turn around and smack right into a person, which knocks you down. You look up to see finely crafted clothes and a great big golden torc. He helps you up and, in a panic, tells some of the warriors to go with him quickly. You are stuck with curiosity and a little frightened as his voice had a warning sound within it. You follow him down a narrow road up into a wooded area. You suddenly stop as you see wooden statues of a few Deuoi but are unfamiliar with them. You look into the woodline to see many peoples there, all surrounding a group of folks. They seem to be talking to these people, and everyone is listening; it was strange to see you think to yourself, those must be the Druides. This puts a very uneasy feeling into your bones. All of a sudden, you hear the sounds of the Carnyx coming from all directions. You take a look up into the sky. Those clouds you seen in the distance are finally here. You drop to your knees in front of the wooden Deuoi.

This is the heart of my Bessus, my Galtibessus.

Im a Galatis bound to my Touta and Deuoi. In motion with the Îanoi.
This is not just a religion for me or a collection of Gods. This is Worldview. These are the crafts, the language, the struggles, the emotions.
I care about the Gaul sitting under the trees next to the Lorie or the Gaul weaving a basket near the Alps. I care about the Funeral rites and the wedding ceremonies. I care about the children’s games they played. I care about the torc and what it represents. I’m not a Carnuti, Belgae, Gallo Roman, and all the others. I’m a Galatis, I and others are trying to reconstruct this. Trying to bring back a lost idea from a conquered peoples. Galatibessus is core values and cultural understandings; it’s not just worshiping of the Deuoi. It is trying to understand the worldview of those that worshiped the Deuoi. Please understand this.

I’m not a Pagan I’m not a Polytheist I’m a Galatis.


I’m no storyteller when it comes to words. If one would like to make it more like a story, that would be most grateful.

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