Nantosueltia Carnutian Nemeton

Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutes) Deuoi.

Her name has a few possibilities. Sun warmed valley and Meandering brock. She is depicted with a saucer or a pot which could be an evocation of the great cauldron. She also has a long pole with a house on it or beehive, and sometimes she is depicted under the sun. This could be implying prosperity, well-being, and domesticity as she gives us the gifts of the earth. She also is seen to have ravens evoking associations with death. Also seen with her are birds, cornucopia. She represents fertility, home, wealth, wisdom, life, death, war, and peace. Her consort is Sucellus.

We only have one Inscription of her. There are plenty of depictions that resemble the one below.


(CIL 12, 4542)


“To the god Sucellus (and to?) Nantosuelta, Bellausus, son of Massa, fulfilled his wish willingly and properly.”

Personal Gnosis

She is the goddess commonly associated with the funeral rites, the one who lays you down for the great sleep, guiding you down the great river to the underworld. She is a comforting, loving ~ Dêuâ.

She is very much an earth goddess, giving us prosperity in life and guiding us in death.

Raven: Divine messenger, profound mysteries, wisdom, light, ancestral memories, healing, a transformation of difficulties into blessings, change in consciousness.

Dove – Ascension devotion, divinity, holiness, sacrifice love.

House – Secure foundation, the self, domesticity.

Saucer/ Pot– Providence, feast, wealth, celebration, abundance.

Cornucopia – abundance and nourishment, symbolizes perpetual replenishment in both the mental and spiritual realms.

Uediâ Nantosueltî
(Invocation for Nantosueltâ)

Uediomos/Uediumî Nantosueltian
(We/I invoke Nantosueltâ)

Matîr marâ
(Great mother)

Delgaunâ uenios
(Keeper of pleasures)

Riganâ lanobitous
(Queen of the world of plenty)

Magloi buiont ûros corinon iton, rodarcon suanciton
(The fields become green with your touch, a welcome sight)

Rodîmos/Rodîumî addatus etic bratûn tê
(We/I give offering and thanks to you)

[Addatus] [Offering]

Arcimâs (Requests)

Slanon tê
(Cheer to you)

Bratûn tê
(Thanks to you)

Molâmos tê/Molâmî tê
(We/I praise you)

Iâmos/Iâiumî eni sedê
(We/I go in peace)

You can find more Uediâs (Invocations) here.
I also have more about her here.

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