Sucellos Carnutian Nemeton

Deuoi of the underworld; If he was the god of the dead we are unsure. Sucellus was widespread we can find him all across Gaul and some consider him the Deuoi that the Gauls descended from. He was seen with a long-shafted mallet/hammer, olla, a pot, wine, barrels, and a dog. His hammer could be seen as a tool for winemaking, driving fence posts, or even a coppersmiths tool. Agriculture, forest, alcohol, wealth, fertility, feast, providence, and protection ~ all are associated with him. His consort is Nantosuelta.

Personal Gnosis

He is the Deuoi of worldly pleasures and the otherworldly feast. He is the Crafter of Man and Woman, The Protector, and The Destroyer. A God of the People. Jolly and stark. You are greeted by him to join in the Underworld Feast.

Agriculture is his gift to us.
You can see his work happening always.

Hammer – Protection, creating, renewal, destruction.

A Pot/Olla/Barel – Providence, feast, wealth, celebration

Dog – Underworld, guardian, loyalty, companion.

Raven – Divine messenger, deep mysteries, wisdom, light.

Grapes – abundance, transformation, fertility

Uediâ Sucellû
(Invocation for Sucellos)

Uediomos/Uediumî Sucellon
(We/I invoke Sucellos)

Atîr Raton
(Generous father)

Medos candosocci
(Caretaker of the vines/shoots)

Uernos bitoues
(Watcher of realms)

Deluâunos textiâs magliâs, randestû textâs iton cotoutin
(Shaper of the gifts of the land, you share your gifts with the people)

Rodîmos/Rodîumî addatus etic bratûn tê
(We/I give offering and thanks to you)

[Addatus] [Offering]

Arcimâs (Requests)

Slanon tê
(Cheer to you)

Bratûn tê
(Thanks to you)

Molâmos tê/Molâmî tê
(We/I praise you)

Iâmos/Iâiumî eni sedê
(We/I go in peace)

You can find more Uediâs (Invocations) here.

You can find out more about Sucellos here this page is just meant for simple understanding.


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