The Carnyx Sounds (Gaulish Gate)

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

As we all get deeper into our Customs/Traditions and form bonds with the individuals in our community, we begin to grow and respect one another. That also means wanting to be there for each other in troubling times and good times. We create an atmosphere that is free from some of the problems in the moving world around us. 

In the Gaulish community, we want to make sure folks can have a safe space to recover from the troubles of our world, a sacred place to sit back and discuss all things Gaulish.

I think we all do an admirable job at that. We each have our different ways of keeping the temple space.

Our Gates to the community are open to any kindhearted, compassionate individuals. We don’t keep people out based on Genetics, Race, Sexual Orientation, ancestry, and any of those things, as our Deuoi are for all. Now there are times when the Gates are closed, and the Carnyx sounds. That is when folks pushing the above try and have their Racist, Homophobic thoughts and claim you must be this way to be that way. We will not open the gates to Oppressive, tyrannical ideas. We will go out of our way to smash those thoughts from invading our spaces.

This brings me to the hows of engagement with these small-minded folks. I have no answers to that, as each situation is different, and each person sees things differently. Some folks act without thinking and create actions based on emotions. Some act in silence and tell others. Some try to reason with them. There are many ways not one is right or wrong. As the oppressive thoughts of those racists, folkish, and fascists have hurt the hearts and minds of many. It is deplorable and unsettling that folks could even have those thoughts, and mixing them with our Gaulish world makes it even more upsetting.

I would caution those who engage with them to be careful not to give them a platform to voice their thoughts. We don’t want the light to shine on them or near them at all. The internet is a hard place to have a clear understanding as most of the internet is about Advertising something or promoting something. There is no bad promotion on the internet. 

Most of these people hid in the shadows and do not know one another. But in the instance of calling them out, we call them into being. And call for others to join their ranks. In a sense, we are opening their gates for them that we keep locked and allowing them to interact with one another and become friends that, in turn, create groups and ideas that otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to do. They rely on us. The more we engage, the louder and more significant in numbers they become. 

Will what I do create more Good or Harm at this moment? 

Did my engagement make them have more likes on their page?

I know most of you will be like, who cares about that I want others to know they are Facisict asses. That’s great, as you should, but be cautious reading the moment we don’t know what these folks are capable of doing. Social media is designed to have folks follow them that it’s purpose. When you see their likes going up because of your engagement with them, you are not doing a great job.

We can bring them down together. Let us create solutions instead of just yelling at them that solves nothing. We have the Seongalatis and the Deuoi on our side, and we can find the right course of action together.

We must be Ambassadors of our Virtues. 

Using our best judgment when it comes to calling them out, especially in a public place. We must act in accordance with our Virtues and allow Luxtiâ (duty)Îanolabâ (right speech), and Uîroioniâ (justice) to flow within us and out from us so we can honor one of our most sacred Druidic law Delge āxtam – “Hold your behavior”

These folks are not Gaulish Polytheists, as that goes against what Gaulish Customs are. Our Gates are open for anyone that would like to learn and be part of the Bessus.

The image above is the symbolic borders of the Runa Orbion. Now my Uelîturunâs are not just for divination. They are part of the atmospheric energies around us that are in all things and are all things. They help to create a visualization of things around you. Divination is just one part of them.  

Our Carnyx is loud, and our Deuoi are many”.

The Virtues mentioned are from Bessus Nouiogalation. You can read more about them here.


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