Into the well, Out into the valley

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

The story below describes a journey of Death, Rebirth, and Life. This is the transmigration of the Soul, a vital part of Druidicos (Druidic thought) and Galatis thought. Of course, many might have different poetic ways of describing all this.
Sucellos does his workings within the Earth for Nantosuelta to bring it from the Earth. There Union gives life.
All this came to me sitting in meditation, watching and gazing into the life of the Oaktree, specifically the acorn. It is a journey and cycle and how it repeats and seeing how we are much the same. So one could very much see the journey of the Acorn within this story. The Oak is our Great teacher.
As Death and life are but only something we define, nature and the cosmos do not we do. All is a cycle, and we are part of that great cycle. Drus is all around us, making up all that is and is not in the cosmos.
Now there is a way to break the cycle, as I have mentioned a little about this scattered around my site. There are a few hidden elements within the little story above that, if one has a keen eye, one will see.

There are many metaphors within the story.

A video about the Article

Awake from your slumbers

From Bitus to Dubnos

I awakened by the gentle voice of Nantoseulta pulling me up. I stare into her eyes and feel a great peace knowing that all is well—her long flowing hair dancing in the breeze. She takes my hand, and we walk in her stream. Passing by the now of time coming and going, visions of what was and is not, dancing in the reflections of her waters. As we journey onwards, the landscape becomes more and more of a canopy, the stream smaller, the visions longer. Then suddenly, the stream came to an end at a great still pool, enclosed by the greenest green trees. She lets go of my hand, and as she vanishes, she says:

Awaken into the next

From Dubnos to Albios

The Earth within the waters opened, and I fell into the depths of the Earth. Darkness embraced me as I went down into its depths. It was a great cave that I awakened in another pool of much colder waters. I heard a great rush of water behind me; as I turned, a mighty waterfall reached higher than my sight could see. A flicker of light I saw from the corner of my eyes. It happened to be a great table in the distance. So I swam in that direction. As I lifted myself onto the land, a voice of laughter echoed in the cave hall.

A voice said: Come, come sit down.
A great green wolf came to me and told me to follow. We passed by a great door, but we did not enter. The wolf brought me to the end of the table. In front of me were wines, meats, fruits, and vegetables. A voice from the other end of the table said:

“Feast and be full.
I am Sucellos, it is time we discuss your life what was, what is, and what will be.” He said in a haunting voice.
We sat and talked about my life, The troubles, the goals, and the battles won and lost. The good times and the bad. My faults and strengths. He was showing me all this. He was very jolly and stark in his manner.

We walked, and he shared with me some philosophical ideas and ways of seeing. But he told me “You would not remember, only in devotion will you gain that sight again.” As we walked, we walked into a shallow stream. A bright light way in the distance was piercing the darkness. We got a little closer, and he took his mighty Mallett and slammed it onto the ground; a great shake in the cave happened, trembling myself and the cave walls around. The point of light grew more prominent and opened up to a great scene of valleys in bloom, sun dancing in the blue sky, and standing in the opening was Nantoseulta; looking in my direction, she reached out her hand and said, “Come.” Sucellos said to me,” ’till next time or not,” as he turned around laughing.
As I walked towards her and reached for her hand, she pulled me out into the sun-warmed valley, and a great trembling again happened as the cave closed and turned into a hill. She said, “Hear the Bees are buzzing, the birds are singing see the great green fills this land, and you are part of this, walk deeper into the stream.” As I turned to speak, she said:

Awaking to your rebirth

From Albios to Bitus

Sucellos Lord of Andumnos
May your dark embrace awaken that which is unseen.
May your drink fill me with ecstasy.
And may your maul bring me serenity.

Nantosuelta lady of Audumnos
May your gentle waters reach for that which is seen
May your sun shine bright and encase me.
And may your valleys bloom in all eternity.


  1. woodenbreath says:

    A phantastic meditation. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen Succellos in this light.


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