Druið Bedoratêos Work, Entry 1

Today was my first day of volunteer work cleaning Logâ (headstones) at the Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, NC.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have always wanted to be of service to the dead, but life took another direction. Now I have found many ways to be of service, and one of them is volunteering. This fills my being with much joy and comfort, knowing that I’m in a position to be of service. The service is the cleaning/cleansing of Logâ (headstones). 

For names that can’t be read, I can magically make them readable. Sitting with each person as I clean their monument and think about who they were in this world. What were their troubles and hardships, their loves and passions? Who was the person they fell in love with but never told that person? What did they believe in? Who remembers them and comes to give flowers to them? Are they lost to the ages of names in the great Gortiâ Artuânon (garden of stones)? 

It’s a very sacred act, and to be someone who honors and remembers them and allows others to speak their name is very Humbling. Especially at this time as CATUS ALISIÂS is upon us for my Galatis family. To give a devotion of Sumatreiâ (Good Friendship/Relationship) with the Anatia  (Soul) of each one buried here is very illuminating.

I cleaned 14 headstones today. How did I pick the place to start? Well, I just let the Uernos (Watcher) guide me to the place to start. As when I first entered, I came upon 6 Bears playing in one part of the cemetery. I stopped to watch for a few and went on my way to a headstone with a bluejay feather right in front of it, so that is the place I started to work at.

Below are some of the headstones I cleaned and cleansed.

Great keeper of these sacred grounds.

Watcher of the souls that lay abound.

Tender of that which is here and now.

I ask that I may enter your Gates that shroud.

I will walk with Sumatreiâ in each step upon your Gortiâ Artuânon

Uernos, I thank you.

Riverside Cemetery, I thank you. You have allowed me to walk your grounds and give the gift of Sumatreiâ. I shall be going on my way now, may you rest well and allow me to return.  


  1. woodenbreath says:

    That’s a very important service you’re doing. And a beautiful cemetery you have there. Do you think the bears had a function of any sort? In mythology the bear is quite prominent here in Europe.


    1. Thank you very much, and good question, Yes I do think they have a function now in this case as its a cemetery with many different cultures and views within I don’t want to disrespect the spirit of the place by speaking on that as that is why I left it out, But to me, I got a very nurturing vibe from Artio as she very much appreciated the care and nurturing to the people that lay there. And also just a reminder that she is around to protect me from any spiritual attacks.

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