The Carnyx Sounds, Harken the words

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

Catus Alisiâs is upon us as this time harkens a call to reflect on the days of old and the struggles that befell upon Gaul.

We, the Carnutes, have felt many blows since the trembling hooves of Ceasar’s storm. We were the first to start the fire against the oppression in our territory. Others followed throughout the Gaulish lands. We suffered significant loss as our great towns burned to the ground and lay in ruin. Our great Druides, leaders, farmers, women, and children were slaughtered or sold into slavery to pay for Ceaser’s madness.

The final battle and resting place of a free Gaul took place in a place called Alesia. We all united in the lands of the Aeduii to create a plan of action. We Carnutes sent 12,000 of our people that we had left to help Uercingetorix. The Santones, Bituriges, Ruteni, Sequani, and Senones all sent people to assist in the cause. But sadly, our efforts were at a loss as Ceaser used war tactics that no honorable person would have done. We, indeed, were at a loss and underestimated his devotion. In the following week’s many tribes fought one another as the Bturiges asked help from Rome to deal with us Carnutes. So we submitted to the new ways on our lands.


This day harkens a profound message to us, Galatis, today. This is not a time for Hate or Anti-Roman propaganda. It is a time to reflect upon the past and give devotion to our fallen Senogalatis to mourn and sing songs of remembrance. Most importantly, it’s a moment in time for us to pay close attention to, as it shows us the outcome when we can’t unite as a single unit. I see much separation within the greater community that folks are rallying for a particular group of people or a particular way to do this or that. There are many different minds and approaches in our community, just like the many different tribes of Gaul.

We have a common enemy that will take all we have and destroy us if we don’t unite. That is the folkish, the racist, the homophobes, and all the other small-minded people. They are who we should be after, not one another.

Deep down in my spirit, I wholeheartedly believe that within Carnuticâ the great Druides assembly was to try and unite Gaul. If the tribes had listened, I would not be here talking about any of this.

A united Gaul is not one that thinks the same but accepts other’s ways.

The time is now.

We Galatis must coincide,
We must Galatis must provide,
We Galatis must survive.


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