Menman Alisiâs Rite

Gaulish Altar


We enter your sacred space Nemetona, clean and pure.
(Pause and enter saying the above)

I light the great flame of Aidonâ and cast the boundary of Orbion around this Nemeton and our greater community.

(Walk in a circle around the border and light each torch. Light one torch and complete the circle like the next and complete the circle until each direction is light. Visualize a great wall circling the Nemeton and our tribe).

Regentiâ (Anstestors)

O great Deuoi,
Today, we gather here to honor the dead and the great battle that fell upon them on this sacred day. 
We light this flame in the West for those that have traveled into the deep blue waters of dumbos. 
(Light a candle at the Altar and then place in the West)
Ancestors, you guide us.
Ancestors, you gave us life.
Ancestors, you grace us with your presence.
Ancestors, The great dead, we will never forget you.
We give these gifts to you.
Thank you. 

Let us all take a moment to visualize our gifts being received.
(Give offerings)

Touta (Tribe)

O great Deuoi, we also gather here today for unification so that we can give the greatest gift, and that is of ourselves to each other during good times and bad. May we always remember our virtues and that which connects us.

I will now light a candle in the West for our galatis in the West.
May you be strong and have your health

I will now light a candle in the East for our Galatis in the East.
May you be strong and have your health

I will now light a candle in the North for our Galatis in the North
May you be strong and have your health

I will now light a candle in the South for our Galatis in the South
May you be strong and have your health

(Light each candle one at a time and place it in the correct direction.
After each candle is placed, say) 

With these four flames lit, 
We become strong, 
We become wise, 
We become united, 
O great Deoui and Ancestors, may you keep us. 

These flames are our passion for our illumination of our tribe, and may these flames always stay lit in each of your spirits.

May we help keep each other, 
May we help guide each other, 
May we help defend each other
May we help Provide for each other.
May we help remember each other.

Let us take a minute to reflect on what it means in silence to be part of the Touta.

Deuoi (Worshiped Beings)

O Deoui gathered here today, we give you the most excellent gift, and that is the gift of our devotion to you. It is in knowing what the Senogalatis faced and the great suffering that befell upon them that we are strong and united. May we remember, and may we not let it happen again. May we keep you and the Senogalatis close to us always.

We Galatis resurface and give that same devotion that the Senogalatis gave to you.
May you help keep us 
May you help guide us
May we always remember 

Lets take a minute to reflect on all that is happening here and how great the Deoui are.


The great battle of ALISIÂS is always in our hearts and spirits. 
We thank you Deuoi
We thank you, Ancestors
Cheers to you
Many blessings be upon you all.
We go in peace.


One will need to be outside or in an area with plenty of space to move around.
You will need 10 Candles, 4 for the Directions, 4 for the People, 1 for the Ancestors, and 1 for the center.
One will need offerings, What ever you feel is appropriate.
Senogalatis means Ancient Galatis
The name Menman Alisiâs means Memory of Alisia.

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