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A word

I, Branos am not the leader of Drunemeton; I am but a Raven on one of the mighty branches within Drunemeton. I am the keeper and the watcher to ensure that the path doesn’t get lost. There can be no leader, as it would defeat the purpose of Drunemeton. We are all equal under Drus.

A Thought

There seems to be much syncretic stuff floating around in the Gaulish realm. I have to take into consideration those things. Now the Heart of Cosmology and Worldview lies within the heart of Drus, and Drus is Gaulish, so that means Gaulish thought is always first. Now, this doesn’t mean that one cant be syncretic, not at all, but when forming stuff under Drunmeneton, one must be willing to separate the other parts of the mind to allow for a Gaulish Thought. I understand that there are Gallo-Romans and Gallo-others out there. We must also be willing to let them under our sacred trees, But they must be willing to listen to our Gaulish understanding.

A Stone

Drunemeton is also tough stuff, and at times I might be a certain way about something, and I will not move on; I will be set in a way. This is because this is my passion. This is my mission in life, given to me by the Deuoi and the ancestors.
To be in Drunemeton, one has to remove the self and try to be liminal in one approach to all things within “Gaulish Polytheism,” which can be challenging at times and very testing to the individual.
Drunemeton is not a place to gain a role but a place to be of service to the greater community.

A Reason

Drunemeton houses the Bardos, Uâtis, and Drûið, as you all know. There is a profound reason to bring these back into place in the modern world. Sure, the Neo Orders out there have versions of these, and well, they are not focused on reconnection like we are, and their definitions for each of these roles vary.
It is essential for us within Drunemeton to breathe life back into these roles as much as possible within Gaulish Culture. So one that is working on these Roles needs to be hyper-focused on it, live and breathe it.
These roles were an important part of the world back then and will be for us today. Now obviously, they will not be the same as they once were. But they will be more in tune will a true revival of these Roles than what we have seen in the Neo realms.
As you might have heard me say before many times but I feel that the Druides of old were trying to unite Gaul, and well, I’m strongly called to finish that work.

A Vision

Drunemeton will know all the deep customs and traditions of all that is “Gaulish Customs.” Meaning that we know inside and out the different paths. When one is in Drunemeton, one must not have one Tradition but many.

Bardos will help create poems, prayers, and stories for people. They may also help guide and mentor people in the making of such things. They should be able to recite from memory. Know the myths in and out, and understand the language and the arts.

Uâtis should know by heart all the herbs of Gaul and their practical and magical aspects of them. They should follow the Uelîturunâs and other forms of Gaulish Divination methods. Tarot, Norse Runes, and other forms have no place under the trees of Drunemeton. One must have formed Etnouidiiâ “bird visionship in one’s areas. Know how to conduct sacrifices and take Omens, and be a herbalist in whichever way one chooses, meaning spiritual or practical.

Drûið will focus be of service and providing service to the greater community. Philosophy and the creation of teachings that help aid individuals to a higher understanding, funeral rites, why funeral rites well, the word Drus meaning one who knows Drus, so who better to send you to the next world. I will get into more later about that. They will be civilizers helping to keep things civilized. Now they are on a path of liminality to truly gain genuine understanding. They are walkers on the threshold. Now, this doesn’t mean they are peacemakers as they are, but they can be destroyers as well. These are the thinkers under Drus. They sit outside the cultural norm and teach something greater. There is a mystery tradition within Druidobessus. Celebrant work is a significant part of the Druides work.

There is much more to all these roles, and this is but only a simple rundown.

An Invitation

To help to build these sacred things, one needs a deep understanding of Gaulish thought.
One must have one of the options below.

For the Bardos,
One has to be a Storie teller Show us you have what it takes to do this. You have poems or stories published.
You have a site where you share your stories.
Have finished school with Mythology Studies
Have fished school with Language studies
At the least, show us, you know, and have a deep passion.

For the Uâtis,
One should have an herbalist certificate.
An Ovate in one of the Druid Orders.
Understand Divination or create a form of it.
Studied Natural Philosophy
Counseling understandings
At the least, show us, you know, and have a deep passion.

For the Drûið,
One should be a Druid in one of the many orders.
Have gone to school for science or philosophy.
Celebrant or some Religious studies.
At the least, show us, you know, and have a deep passion.


  • Now the above is about the building of these things, not joining.
  • This is not meant for everyone.
  • This, again will evolve as the greater community evolves.
  • Galatibessus is the main view under Drunemeton, now not the only one but the main one.

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