The Horse, Snake, and Wheel

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

I love to look at Gaulish artwork. My mind likes to explore the many themes one could take with some of the art we see on the many items like coins, cups, vases, sword hilts, and countless other items.
I wish that we truly knew what a lot of that meant to the Senogalatis, but we can only guess.

I like to reconnect to the past in my form of doing, so I have created a modern Gaulish style of artwork that you can find all around my site. It is very much inspired by coin art with the lines and curves one can see in the Senogalatis work, but it is not just about the form of art. It’s also the symbolic understanding of the images we encounter. They tell stories and speak to us in many ways. So it is about bringing that into the art as well.

This drawing you see above was inspired by a carving I was doing of a Gaulish Horse. Now the carving is taking on the form above. I will share that once I’m done.

The Basic Image.
Snakes are symbolic of rebirth, renewal, and death, just general cycles of the cosmos. Horses have helped us immensely in our connection to the symbiotic relationships with the creatures of this realm. They have also helped us to build our world in many ways. The wheel is our creation from watching the cosmos around us.

The Deeper Meaning.
Here we have the wheel, which represents Us/Virtues riding the snake’s path or riding on the snake, which represents chaos and the motions of the universe. The Horse represents Order/Deuoi and the Samos principle, helping us keep our Virtues smoothly rolling this is the unseen forces within the cosmos. They are assisting the Snake/Cosmos and the Giamos principles not getting tangled up in Virtues. All are acting per one another so each can roll smoothly. Without chaos, we would not know what order is, and without order, we would not know chaos. Too much of one can change the form of the other. It is about balance and riding that thin line, the wheel on the snake’s back.
Note, let us not think of Order and Chaos in terms of good or evil or positive and negative.

So, as usual, this is very much part of my philosophy of Liminality Carnonouissus (Carnonos Knowledge).
The image above has many symbolic meanings to it. These are just thoughts I had in the creation of this image.
A mythical meaning can be added to the image as well. Well, in time, maybe someone will create a story for it. In the creation of it, I know Belinos was present with me. So something in that realm, I’m thinking.

You will also notice that the wheel has 12 Spokes representing the Bessus Nouiogalation Îanoi (Virtues).

The Horses represent Albios
The wheel represents Bitus
The snake represents Dubnos

I am one of the founders of Bessus Nouiogalation and one of the Delgaunos, so for me, this symbol also represents a follower of the wheel as our Îanoi (Virtues) and Îuoi (Holidays) play a significant part in our tradition. We have 12 Îanoi and 12 Îuoi, which is why you will see a 12-spoked wheel around my site and in the image above. So very much a follower of the wheel.

Gaulish Polytheism


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