Inscrîbatus for Litauia

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

We create Inscrîbatus (sigil) to help with our intentions and to manifest our will to bring our desires to the forefront. These are magical symbols that hold particular energies when looked upon. Meditating on them can give one a more profound meaning to a thing. They can transform your thoughts into actions. They hold the key to bringing things to life within you. Under the dark canopy of your thoughts, when you can’t truly grasp a thing, it’s important to visualize the Inscrîbatus since it will help bring things from the unconscious. They are the seeds that influence ourselves and the world around us.


This is our Inscrîbatus for Litauia
One can use this for many purposes. Always be mindful of the reason you would use this Inscrîbatus.
Sotio is very much involved in this, Sotio was used in its creation and will be used in its day-to-day use.

Burning/Carving/Drawing this Inscrîbatus into an item to help resonate with its deep meaning or to help give a meaning. Use earth energy and connection to help balance you with the flow of the natural order around you. Can help those that need to have more connection to Litauia, not just in a sense of going out into nature but also in being more active in the fight for nature. That being the land itself, the spirits on the land, and the child of the Litauia.

First, do not alter the image as it is meant to be the way it is. Altering the color is ok.
As you Burn/Carve/Draw this, make sure you are clean and clear-minded.
Start in its center and work going down, then up, not lifting your marking tool to make the spiral. That ensures that it is marked and connected not just with the lines but with the item and oneself. This allows one to engrave it in their mind.
As you do this, say.
“Litauia Matir, Litauia Matir, Litauia Matir”
Now start in the same position you did above, now make the dots
As you do this, say.
“Connection, Sublime, Intertwine”
Now draw the lines staring at the bottom
As you do this, say.
“I ground this to resonate with your truth”
Now make the lines at the top left.
As you do this, state what your intentions are.

This is a primordial energy, the third to form from our Cintutrîberous “The first three sources” from Drunemeton. This is connected to Tirātis.

Tirātis is the third and final form. It’s the source of form, differentiation, manifestation, and stability. It is solidity. It is the physical manifestation of things within the world: their form, their substance, and their distinguishing features. Symbolically we could look at this as solidity/ earth. This corresponds to salt and the body.

The Image
This image is of a double spiral that dates back to the Neolithic age and was used by many groups of people. I looked at a few Gaulish coins and based this on a Remi Tribe coin dated from 40 BCE and a Hallstatt double spiral fibula.

The image is meant to be meditative so one can draw it to reach an energy. The dots symbolize the many children of Litauia, the vertical lines represent her many different lands, and the curved lines at the top left represent her many waterways. This is why at the end of the Sotio, in the creation of this, your intentions are represented with the water to carry those intentions with her flow.

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