Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

The Rite

The soul hatches forth, Reborn from the physical into the spiritual.


On the day of Cutios 2, an Auspicuies day, with favorable winds from the west than the east, I Branos Carnutodrûidon went before the Deuoi and Senodruides, to enter into a get threshold of a rite of passage which bestows upon me significant responsibilities within Drunemeton, Galatîs Litauiâs as well as the greater Druidic and Pagan communities. I take the torch of Druið as this touch has been bestowed upon me by the Deuoi and the Senodruides and the individuals within my communities. When a Druið becomes initiated, the Soul hatches forth. Reborn from the physical into the spiritual.

  • Opening the Nemeton with the GL formate
  • I hear you Senodrudes and Deuoi
    So now I, Branos Carnutodrûidon come before you
    In the sacred Nemeton, I open myself up
    In this sacred Nemeton and time, I transmute
    I align myself with the most significant purpose
    I Call upon you, Senodruides and Great Deuoi, to witness my oath
    and to acknowledge my ever-burning fires.
  • Hear now my oath
    Here in this most sacred Nemeton and moment under Drus
    I vow my path to the Gaulish Community and the Greater Community
    I acknowledge the wisdom that every moment has meaning
    I accept that all things are many
    In this sacred moment, I declare myself a Druið
    A thinker under Drus, and a walker of Drus
  • I will honor the Trirextoues with my essence of being,
    Breath, Step, and Action.
    I hold the torch of illumination to help guide and aid others.
    I will always seek the truth that lay in the liminal space under Drus.
    I will always to of service and provide a service.
  • Closing the Nemeton with the Drunemeton formate

Some words are not meant for others to see, so I have left them out.

The Shadows in the Forests Path

I know some of you may have your opinions and may not see me as a Druið, but that’s fine; I can’t keep denying the Senodruides because of how I think others will feel. I have done a lot of what a Senodruides would be doing, that being 20 years of study, which I have been within the Druidic realm for over 20 years—cultivating and bringing folks together. Counseling and inspiring individuals to do and listen. Listening to the Deuoi to make judgments even if it goes against the flow. Helping others to resonate with what we do in the Gaulish realm. But most importantly, I have helped illuminate the knowledge and teachings of the Senodruides to the communities, which did not truly exist until I came around. I’m constantly providing and being of service to the Deuoi and communities. This is not a title for the glorification of a title. This is much more; it is a lifestyle I have worked very hard for. This is something to be proud of and to have pride in.

Passing from one to another

Just as the snake sheds its skin, so do I during this time of deep connections with the Senodruides. I shed the self of Uatis and embrace Druið. I pass the touch of the Uatis onto Alesiâ Dunnonanationâ our Ueletos of Galatîs Litauiâs.

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

Uissus Druidicos (Druidic wisdom)

Artwork was done by the Uātis Alesiâ Dunnonanationâ of Galatîs Litauiâs and Drunemeton. This is a depiction of myself.

My Bessus is all Bessus, as they all are one under Drus.

On the path of unity of opposites as I sit in liminality with the aim to build the Gaulish Community in a way that connects people in our great Nemeton under Drus. Showing those the barebones of what we do without the flesh so they may find their own ways under Drus.

My main form of Soitos is that of Uerton, using this in everything I do. Uerton is my basic teaching under Drus this helps one to understand and shape the world around themselves to build themselves up into a better version. Utilizing the cosmic principles and the fundamental teachings of the Senodruides.

My focus is looking at the cosmic principles of process in its coherence, teleology, and providential design, always in the question that relates to our cosmic understanding of Drus, which also refers to belief and worship, bringing me to the attitude towards myth and ritual—utilizing the divine to show fate and providence in a way that makes the providential ordering of the cosmos known to us by oracle, divination, meditation, and rites. Mediator and Arbiter of divine matters of the nature of the Deuoi and the principles of the cosmos, How our proper attitude should be towards the Deuoi and what it should not be, which is piety, and it’s opposite, which is unpiety. I’m always seeking the way with the Trirextoues, ensuring those are upheld and basing my judgment in the spirit of the Trirextoues as following the Trirextoues is to obtain mastery over worldly desires that helps one live in accordance to nature in devoting oneself to divine grace and living a life that leads to good spiritedness.

To become closer to the spark that flows. One of the oldest teachings the Senodruides left us is Aidus etic Dubron, as even the cosmos are born and die in the great dance within the cosmos, and this is even within our Soul as one part is the fire and the other water. This leads to Trêrêdon Anation, the process of the transmigration of souls. As a Druið, I will always be learning under the great canopy of Drus, divining into sublime matters relating to the above to help build and shape a worldview worthy of the Senodruides and us today.

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