Bessus, Touta, and Uarina

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

With the many different Gaulish groups out in the world, it can confuse many people. I will break down my stuff for you so that it may shed some light your way.

Tegobessus – Specific to a family or household.

Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutes) is my Hearth/House custom; as the name suggests, it is focused on the Carnutes. My Tegobessus is about something other than building a reconstruction of the Carnutes. It is about the tribal mind meaning what I have seen from my research and gnosis what they represented. I emulate the spirit of what a Carnutes individual would be.

  • Their territory was in the heart of Gaul, and many folks from different tribes and cultures passed through their land. They would have been very accepting of all kinds of people. 
    Speaks of Hospitality, Friendship, Understanding
  • One of the first tribes to stand up to Rome, this speaks of much, and it is a reminder that we can be friends, but don’t force me to do anything against my will. 
    Speaks of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Right action, Courage
  • They held the yearly gathering of the Druids; this speaks of great council and guidance of serious matters. 
    Speaks of Education, Community, Council, Arbitration

Much of what I forge is in the spirit of the Senodruides of the Carnutes. A lot reaches outside my Tegobessus into the greater Gaulish community. As one of the critical elements of Tegos Carnution is that of service, it is not just a stay-in-the-home thing or even stays in the Carnution Realm type of Tegos. It is in the spirit of the Senodruides. Most of all that I have created or helped create is based on the thought of the Carnutian Druides. Things like my art, Bessus Nouiogalation, Drunemeton, Galatîs Litauiâs, Ueletorunoi, and much more.

That being said, I have many interests: funeral work, Alchemy, Stoicism, Gnosticism, and much more. I have learned to incorporate and inspire some of my work from different concepts from what I just mentioned.

I will not get into the different parts of my Tegobessus at this time.

Main Devotion

  • Matronās Carnutes- Great Mothers of the Carnutes
  • Senodruides – Great Teachers of Drus
  • Cotuatus (Leader, Warrior, Druid)
  • Mogetios – The Toutatis of the Carnutes
  • Acionna – The bringer of plenty
  • Aidonâ – is the sacred fire
  • Sucellos – Father
  • Natosuelta – Mother
  • Brigindû – Wisdom of Justice
  • Gobanos – Teacher of the art of Alchemy
  • Bituatîs – Earthspirits
  • Uernos – Guarding of Burial Grounds

Toutâ (nation, people, tribe)

We have a few layers of custom. That which were the communal events that everyone was a part of, and the different Dêuoi associated with those. You might only participate in this a few times a year. But they cover the toutâ as a whole and its shared customs.

My Touta is Bessus Nouiogalation. Technically it would be called Touta Nouiogalation. A shared custom with holidays and prebuilt work for folks to start doing, sharing in gnosis, stories, and celebration, to do Gaulish communally. One does not have to leave behind ones Tegobessus to be a part of a Touta.
I was inspired to help craft Bessus Nouiogalation as it spoke of elements the Senodruides were trying to do, being Civilizers, which for me, is to unify. Seeing a shared custom is inspiring and magical and can give a much-needed element to one’s life. One does not need to be a part of a Touta, but being part of a Touta helps us understand the deeper meaning of shared customs and traditions. Now in Bessus Nouiogalation, one of the greatest works that I and others are proud of is the Îanoi (Virtues). These are connected to the Trirextoues (The Three Laws) the Senodruides gave us. Following the Îanoi is very rewarding, and each helps shape us in a world that, at times, seems chaotic. Those of us in  

Folks in Bessus Nouiogalation that live with the wheel of Îanoi are called Ambactos Rotî (ambassador of the wheel). As this is very much a spiritual path all on its own.

Main Devotion

  • Suleuiâs – Good Guides
  • Materês – Divine Mothers
  • Galatos – Protector and bearer of the anation (soul) of Bessus Nouiogalation
  • Aidonâ – is the sacred fire
  • Taranis – Bringer of order

Uarinâ (commons) 

Meaning folks of different ToutâTrebâsCerdû, and Tegos getting together to share. We see this with The Council of All Gaul and the gathering of the Druides in the land of the Carnutes.

Galatîs Litauiâs is a commons that many folks from all walks of Gaulish thought gather to share and discuss. It doesn’t matter what Touta or Tegobessus you belong to if you are syncretic or only focused on Gaul. Many folks don’t have a Tegobessus or a Touta, but they all have an Uarina to gather in. A great hall of sorts needed to exist, so folks did not feel so isolated and that folks of different thoughts could share and collaborate. Within this Uarinâ we do have a very small micro tradition for folks If they wish to follow that.
Galatîs Litauiâs is Indeed a meeting ground for all the Galatis of the Earth
A great work that the Senodruides sent me on and that is to unify and illuminate and Galatîs Litauiâs has become that tool to do so.

A united Gaul is not that of a shared custom but rather the acceptance of the many customs. 


Main Devotion

  • Carnonos – Guide to and of the many ways
  • Litauia – The Earth herself
  • Aidonâ – is the sacred fire
  • Lugrâ – The Moon

Within this Uarinâ, it gave a place for Drunemeton to house itself. Drunemeton is the Clery branch of Galatîs Litauiâs. It houses many Bessus that are for the most focused and religious. Drunemeton reaches into the Brythonic realm and the Gaulish realms of thought. 

Main Devotion

  • Belinos – watcher of the celestial fire in water,
  • Aisus – The cultivator of Drus
  • Rigonemetis – The protector the Nemeton
  • Nemetona – The sacred
  • Sirona – Healer of 


Universal means that which is not directly related to Gaulish culture and worldview, this falls outside the Gaulish realm. I am all over the place in the Druid realm sharing my knowledge and wisdom and serving others.

Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA) is where I have found myself genuinely resonating with, as it allows me to incorporate my Gaulish worldview. This lets me enlighten folks on the Gaulish worldview while connecting me with other thoughts outside my own. I can be a Galatis in a universal space connecting with others that share a love and respect for nature and religious work. 

Main Devotion

  • Awen  

With the above, it’s a circle within a circle concept. Each is its own thing but can flow into the other. Now all this gets much more in-depth; I only provided the surface level. Hopefully, it will help some of you understand that you can still be an individual within a collective. 

Please do not try to fit in. Do what resonates with you, as that is where you will find the most illumination. I know that there are many different approaches to Tegobessus hone in on what that is for you. You will feel much more at ease with your practice, and in time you may find a Toutâ or Trebâs (settlements) that resonates with you but remember joining a Toutâ doesn’t mean putting your stuff behind. It means communally doing with others at times. And, of course, a Uarinâ is for all people.

Trebâs (settlements), these are what people think of when they talk about local customs. Only people in that trebâ’s vicinity practice them. There’d be at least a few, or many of these in one toutâ.
Think of this like a big Tegobessus shared with many. At the moment, we don’t truly have any of these in the greater community.

We also have cerdû (guild). These are specific to groups by profession, such as (smiths, warriors, farmers, artists, etc.) These are basically special interest groups they can stand on their own or be within a Trebâs, Toutâ, or Uarinâ.

So, to sum up

  • Tegobessus – Individual (House)
  • Trebâs – Collective (Region)
  • Toutâ – Communal (Nation)
  • Uarinâ – Individuals within a communal collective (Commons)

Note – You will see Main Devotion above. These are just general references; honestly, the Deuoi flow into all of them. I’m only trying to break some things down for you, the reader. As certain Deuoi are part of different things or me, and I’m only giving you a fraction of some of my own Tegobessus.

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