To Hekate

This write-up differs from any of my others as this is not about Gaul, Druids, or any other topics I usually write about. This is a gift for my beautiful wife, which you can find her blog over at the Herbal Alter. She is a devotee of Hekate and has been building a relationship with her. So as a devotional act for Hekate helping my wife, I would give back by creating this small devotion to illuminate her importance in our home.

A little about Hekate for those that do not know

This will not be an academic write-up but rather a very general description as Hekate can be a very complex Goddess with many different aspects and interpretations surrounding her, which is very fitting from what I have come to understand about her.

Hekate is a goddess in Greek mythology who is associated with witchcraft, magic, the night, and the moon, among many other things. She is often depicted as a three-headed goddess, with each head facing in a different direction, which was said to represent her ability to see in all directions at once. Hekate is also associated with the crossroads, as it was believed she could grant knowledge and power to those who sought her out at these intersections. She was often invoked by witches and sorcerers as a powerful ally, and was considered to be the patron goddess of magic practitioners. In some myths, Hekate was also associated with ghosts and the dead and was believed to have the power to travel between the world of the living and the world of the dead. She is often portrayed as a dark and mysterious figure but was also revered for her wisdom and knowledge of the arcane arts.

The Symbols

Clarity and Insight
Hekate’s torches are symbols of light and illumination, and they can help you see through darkness and confusion. By focusing on these symbols, you can gain clarity and insight into any challenges, obstacles, or opportunities in your life.

Hidden Knowledge
Hekate’s triple face represents her mastery over time, and she is often associated with divination and prophecy. You can tap into hidden knowledge, intuitive guidance, and prophetic visions by meditating on her mask.

Empower the magic within yourself
Hekate is the goddess of magic, and she can help you develop your own magical abilities. By connecting with her energy, you can enhance your spellwork, ritual practices, and manifestation skills.

Illumination on your path
Hekate is often called the “Queen of the Crossroads” because she can help you navigate important choices and decisions in your life. By meditating on her symbols, you can receive guidance and support in finding your path and fulfilling your destiny.

Hekate Meditation

This meditation aims to connect with the energy and wisdom of Hecate, the goddess of magic, crossroads, and witchcraft. Meditating on her symbols, such as her torches and triple-faced aspects, one can access her power and guidance for valuable insights, inspiration, and empowerment for one’s spiritual journey.

Create a sacred space by setting up an altar with items representing Hekate, such as candles, herbs, crystals, or statues. Optional, this is not necessary, but it can provide extra energy. One can do this any place, honestly.

Call upon Hekate
“Hekate, goddess of magic, queen of the night, the great illuminator, I call upon you to guide me in my meditation and to help me connect with your wisdom and power. Please be present with me now.”

Visualize Hekate standing before you, holding her illuminating torches as her three faces look in different directions. Observe her appearance, her energy, and her aura. Take a moment to tune into her essence and feel her presence.

Focus your attention on Hekate’s torches. Visualize them as symbols of light and illumination, showing you the way through darkness and confusion. Imagine that Hekate is holding one torch in each hand and that she is directing their light towards you. Allow their light to fill you with clarity, insight, and inspiration. See the light permeating your body and your aura, cleansing and clearing away any negative energies, thoughts, or emotions.

Now focus your attention on the different directions she is looking. Visualize each face representing the various aspects of Hekate’s wisdom and power. The first face represents her power over the past, the second represents her power over the present, and the third represents her power over the future. Allow each face to reveal its secrets, guiding you towards greater understanding and awareness. Imagine that each face is communicating with you, sharing messages, images, or insights relevant to your life and spiritual path.

As you receive these messages, allow yourself to feel their impact on your consciousness. Feel how they shift your perspective, mindset, and energy. Feel how they empower, inspire, and guide you towards greater purpose and fulfillment.

Thank Hekate for her guidance and wisdom.
“Thank you, Hekate, for sharing your light and wisdom. May your power and protection continue to guide me on my journey. So be it, and so it is.”

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