The Alchemical Journey of Into the well, Out into the valley

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

The story I wrote called Into the well, Out into the valley describes a journey of death, rebirth, and life, which is also a metaphor not just for the Souls journey but also a symbolic representation of the alchemical transformation and transmutation process. This journey leads to the creation of the philosopher’s stone or the elixir of life, which I call the Druid Snake Egg.

Sucellos, the god of agriculture and forests, can be associated with the alchemical element of Earth, as he does his workings within the Earth to bring forth life. Nantosuelta, the goddess of nature and fertility, can be associated with the alchemical element of water, as she is depicted as being associated with streams and pools of water. The union between Sucellos and Nantosuelta in the story is a metaphor for the union of opposites, a key concept in alchemy.

Dubion/Blackness (breaking down and purifying)
The journey begins with the awakening by Nantosuelta, who represents the feminine aspect of nature, and her gentle voice represents the awakening of consciousness. She takes the protagonist’s hand and leads him through a stream, which represents the watery, emotional realm of the subconscious mind.

The journey then takes the protagonist into the Earth, representing the alchemical dissolution stage. The darkness symbolizes the unknown and the unconscious mind. The protagonist is then led to a great table by a green wolf (purifying matter), which can be seen as a symbol of the instinctual nature of the psyche. The feast that is laid out represents the nourishment that is needed for the alchemical process of transformation.

Argiion/Whiteness (purification and refinement)
Sucellos, the god of the boundary (among other things), and the mallet he wields represent nature’s masculine aspect, which is needed for balance in the alchemical process. Sucellos helps the protagonist reflect on life, representing the alchemical separation process. Sucellos also shares philosophical ideas and ways of seeing, which can be seen as the alchemical fermentation process.

Melinion/Yellowness (enlightenment and illumination)
The journey then takes the protagonist through a shallow stream towards a bright light, representing the alchemical distillation process. The trembling that occurs is a representation of the alchemical process of coagulation, where the purified elements of the psyche come together to form a new whole. The valley in bloom and the sun dancing in the blue sky represent the rebirth that occurs after the alchemical transformation process is complete.

Roudion/Redness (completion and integration)
The bees buzzing, the birds singing, and the great green filling the land represents the connection of all things in nature. The protagonist is now part of this great cycle of life. The journey ends with Nantosuelta telling the protagonist to walk deeper into the stream, a call to continue the journey of transformation and growth.

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