Through the Realms of Drus

This meditation ritual can help you connect with the energy of the World Tree (Drus) and the three realms it represents Dubnos, Bitus, and Albios. By visualizing Drus and experiencing the significance of each domain, you can gain a deeper understanding of the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. The liminal space of Antumnos is where all things meet and connect, allowing you to experience the unity and communion of all things. By contemplating the philosophy and symbology of Drus and its three realms, you can start to understand the interconnectedness of all things and your place within the cosmos. This meditation can serve as a way to honor and connect. 

Dubnos: Dubnos is the deep underworld, the realm of the dead, and the source of life. It is associated with darkness, mystery, and the cycles of nature. It is where things decay and transform, the old dies, and the new is born. Dubnos is the womb of Litauiâ, the Earth, from which all life springs and to which all life returns. It is home to the Andernadoi, the Chthonic spirits, the Dêuoi (gods), and some Regentiâ (ancestors). It is also where we go after we die and our physical bodies return to the Earth.

Bitus: Bitus is the world of in-between, the realm of humans and other beings. The influences of both Dubnos and Albios intersect, where order and chaos, life and death, and the flowing of the seasons coexist. It is the realm of rebirth, where things transform and renew. Bitus is the domain of the Litauiatîs, the spirits of the land, who are intimately connected with the natural world. In Bitus, we experience the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth as we navigate the challenges and joys of existence.

Albios: Albios is the upperworld, the realm of the living, and the domain of the Ueranadoi, the celestial spirits, including the Dêuoi and the spirits of Nemos, the Sky. Albios is associated with light, order, and protection. It is the realm of life to death, where things move from the beginning to the end of their life cycle. In Albios, we experience the power of the sun, the moon, the stars, and the vastness of the cosmos. It is where we seek guidance, wisdom, and inspiration from the divine.

Antumnos: Antumnos is the Otherworld, the place where all things meet, and all things are connected in Drus. It is the center of all things and the crossing point between the three realms and the Otherworld. It is a liminal domain where all are none, and none are all, time and space are fluid, and the material becomes immaterial. Antumnos is the realm of Carnonos, the gatekeeper, who allows access through his domain or not. It is a place of mystery and transformation, where the veil between the worlds is thin. We can connect with the spirits and ancestors who have passed beyond the physical realm.

Meditation: Through the Realms of Drus

Sit in a quiet place in a comfortable position, light a candle, then invoke Carnonos.


“Carnonos, lord of the threshold and guide of the paths, You who dwell in the liminal spaces between worlds, I call upon you now to open the way, To guide me through the realms of Drus and show me its hidden paths.
Grant me your sight and wisdom, oh mighty Carnonos, As I journey through Dubnos, Bitus, and Albios, And into the center of all things, the liminal space of Antumnos.
Carnonos, As I make my way through the mysteries of Drus, may I emerge from this meditation transformed and renewed. I praise you, Carnonos!”

Give Offering

Visualize yourself standing at the base of a magnificent tree, stretching up to the Cosmos with Carnonos beside you. His antlers reach toward the canopy of the tree. Allow yourself to feel his presence, energy, and guidance as you begin this journey through the realms of Drus, the World Tree, which connects the three domains of Dubnos, Bitus, and Albios. Take a moment to observe the details of the tree, its trunk, branches, leaves, and roots. Allow yourself to feel the presence of this ancient and mighty tree.

As you journey through each realm, you may call upon the energies and beings associated with them. For Dubnos, you may call upon the Chthonic beings, ancestors, and deities associated with the underworld. For Bitus, you may call upon the spirits of the land, the energies of life and death, and the flowing of the seasons. And for Albios, you may call upon the celestial beings, deities, and spirits of the sky.

Throughout your journey, allow yourself to connect with the energy and essence of each realm, observing the connections and cycles that exist within Drus. As you move through Antumnos, allow yourself to connect with the liminal space, observing the infinite possibilities and relationships that exist beyond the physical realm.

Focus your attention on the roots of the tree. They go deep into the Earth, reaching into the realm of Dubnos, the deep underworld. This is the realm of death and transformation, the place where all things go to be reborn. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself descending into the depths of the Earth, following the roots of the tree. Imagine yourself surrounded by darkness but also a sense of warmth and security. The nurturing womb of the Earth envelops you, and you feel a sense of connection to all life that has come before and will go after you.

As you journey through Dubnos, you may encounter chthonic beings, such as the Dêuoi or the Regentiâ (ancestors), and feel their presence around you. Observe the darkness, the stillness, and the silence of this realm. Take time to reflect on the cycles of life and death and the transformations within Dubnos.

Now, imagine yourself rising back up to the surface, emerging into the realm of Bitus, the world of in-between. This is the realm of humans and other beings, where influences from both Dubnos and Albios happen, such as order and chaos, death and life, and the flowing of the seasons.

Take a deep breath and observe the world around you. Notice the land, the sky, the creatures, and the spirits that inhabit this realm. You find yourself in a vast landscape filled with diverse forms of life and energy. Take a moment to observe the details of this realm, the flow of energy and vitality that surrounds you. Feel yourself become a part of this flow, moving and evolving with the rhythms of the universe. Take some time to reflect on your life, the transitions you are going through, and how they connect to the cycles of Bitus.

As you journey up the tree, you reach the canopy, where the branches spread out to reach for Albios, the upperworld. This is the realm of Ueranadoi, celestial beings, including the Dêuoi and Spirits of Nemos. Order and protection happen here mostly.

Take a deep breath and imagine yourself soaring through the sky, surrounded by the spirits of Albios. Observe the light, the clarity, and the serenity of this realm. You find yourself bathed in the sun’s warm glow, surrounded by the energy of life and creation. Observe the beauty and vitality of this realm, and feel yourself becoming a part of it. Take some time to reflect on your aspirations, the higher goals you are striving towards, and how they connect to the realm of Albios.

Finally, allow yourself to enter into the liminal space of Antumnos, the Otherworld. This is where all things meet, the center of all things, and yet it is in this domain where all are none, and none are all.

Take a deep breath and observe the surroundings. Notice the absence of form, the emptiness, and the potential that lies within. Allow yourself to be enveloped by its mystery and magic and feel the infinite possibilities that it holds. Take some time to reflect on the mysteries and the hidden truths Antumnos holds and how they connect to the other realms of Drus.

As you complete your journey, express your gratitude for the guidance of Carnonos and the experience of connecting with Drus and its realms. Take a moment to ground and integrate your experience before returning to your physical surroundings.

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