Rite of Awen

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Paganism

Often in life, we forget what we are doing and about, which can block our creative energies. Feeling this block can bring us down and into another state of being, which can be unpleasant for ourselves and those around us.

To help overcome this, we can turn to the Rite of Awen, a powerful rite that connects us with the spirit of inspiration and creativity within ourselves and in the world. This rite can be tailored to your personal preferences and needs. The most important aspect is to approach the rite with an open and receptive mindset, trusting in the power of the Awen to guide you on your creative journey.

Repeat daily or whenever needed to connect with the spirit of Awen.


  • Three candles
  • Incense
  • A quiet space

If you are in AODA do your Sphere of Protection Ritual as that is a very magical tool as it will just enhance the below Rite.

light the candles (To represent the three rays of Awen) and the incense and get in a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and visualize a peaceful setting.

Imagine a bright, glowing orb above your head. It is moving down within the center of your being, you can feel its radiance spreading all around. This is the Awen.

Ask Awen to guide you in your creative endeavors.

Speak the following invocation or create your own.

“Oh Awen, spirit of inspiration and creativity, I call upon you now.
Please fill me with your light and wisdom. Awaken my mind and open my heart to your divine guidance. Please grant me the courage to explore new paths and express myself fully. May your power flow through me and into the world, bringing forth beauty and truth. Hail Awen!”

Take a few moments to meditate on the energy of Awen and allow it to flow through you.

Sit like in the above image, have your arms to your side like in the image above, and as you take a deep breath, lift your arms as you exhale lower your arms, saying Awen in your mind do this three times imagining the radiance growing.

Reflect on your intentions and honor the spirit of Awen before ending the rite.

“May your inspiration continue to flow through me and inspire others. Thank you, Awen I go in peace.”

Remember, it is the intentions that matter. Trust in the power of Awen to guide you towards creativity, inspiration, and fulfillment.

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