A walk with Bituatîs

Here I will be sharing my journeys in Nature with the Bituatîs and other nature-based things such as
Gortiatîs – spirits of the garden
Moniiatîs – spirits of the mountains
Abonatîs – spirits of rivers
Nantuatîs – spirits of the valley.

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

Bituatîs means Earthspirits in Gaulish. I will not be getting into all that at the moment, as you all know what Earthspirits are, so there is no need for repeating info like that.
The Image above is a few images put together to make a new image as a representation of Bituatîs. These images are from ornamentations on shields, weapons, and jewelry.

We Galatis are very animistic. We believe that all within the Cosmos are alive with spirit. These are divine entities that we build a relationship with. These are sacred spirits that deserve our devotion .

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Attakulla (Mt Michell)

Our next walk with Bituatîs takes us to Attakulla Attakulla – Ata-gul is a Cherokee word, I’m still trying to find the meaning of the name. I know it has something to…

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Craggy Pinnacle

Craggy Pinnacle is located north of Asheville on the Blueridge parkway around milepost 364.1. It’s a 5,892-ft summit to the top. This is part of the Craggy Gardens area in the Pisgah…

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