Scaxslos Carnuton (Spirit/Phantom/Ghost of the Carnutes) is the embodiment of the Carnuti the collective memory and actions of the Druid, Cerdu, Cingetes, Guuatis, Farmer, Wife, Husband, Father, Mother, and all. The great guide and keeper of the the ways of the Carnutīs.

Scaxslos Carnuton is not historical. This is very much a modern concept that may be hard for some to understand, and that is ok. As we look back on our ancestors and their values, we bring to life energies that we will resonate with that creates new ideas and concepts for us. This is an entity that I give devotion to and, indeed, the entity that brought me into the Gaulish realm.

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

The Book of the Carnuð

The Carnutīs “The Horned Ones,” their territory was located in the heart of Gaul, which we call Carnuticâ (Carnute region or land). They had an oligarchic republic replacing a former monarchy until the Talons of Rome came, bringing about the great battle that shook the lands of our senogalatis. Cotuatus, a Gutruatus (master-of-invocation), helped to spark the rise of the Gauls against Caesar.

Once a year, Druides and tribespeople from all around would gather in a sacred place within Carnuticâ, bringing Druides from all around as far as Pritanī (Brittian). One can envision them taking a small boat from Pritanī to the heart of Gaul into the Sequana (Seine) river and making their way to Cenabum (Orléans). In my opinion, this meeting is very similar to that of the Fanum Voltumnae (shrine of Voltumna). Which can be found in Livy “History of Rome.”

Fanum means a sacred place. This was a sanctuary for the Etruscans; more broadly, it was a spiritual center for the whole of the Etruscan people. During the spring, political and religious leaders from around Etruria would meet to talk about religious, military, and civic affairs. This is thought to be the Etruscan League of the Twelve Peoples that would meet annually at the Fanum. They would pray to their common gods and Voltumna, most likely the State god of Etruria.

So I believe that this meeting within the Carnutes territory was very important to the sacred and profane life of the Senogalatis. Much great wisdom and knowledge was shared within Carnuticâ.

You can find more info on the Carnutes all around my site. Some of the things I speak on are of a modern understanding and some historical.

Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutīs)

Tegos Carnution is my Hearth/House custom; as the name suggests, it is focused on the Carnutīs. My Tegobessus is not about building a reconstruction of the Carnutīs. It is about the tribal mind meaning what I have seen from my research and gnosis what they represented. I emulate the spirit of what a Carnutīs individual would be Scaxslos Carnuton is my guide of ancestral memory.

With what little information we have on them, I have seen great teachings they share with me today.

The Carnutes declare that they will willingly go into danger to protect the greater good, and promise that they will be the first of all to begin the war. They require that a solemn oath be given that they should not be deserted by the rest of the Gauls after the war starts. This oath is given on their military symbols which are brought together, for this is the manner in which their most sacred obligations are bound.

Caesar’s Gallic War 7.2.
  • Their territory was in the heart of Gaul, and many different tribes and cultures would have passed through Carnuticâ. They would have been accepting of all kinds of people because of trade.
    This speaks of Hospitality, Friendship, and Understanding.
  • They are one of the first tribes to stand up to Rome, this speaks of much, and it is a reminder that we can be friends, but don’t force me to do anything against my will.
    This speaks of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Right Action, Bravery, Courage, Duty, and Honor.
  • In their territory, the Druides would hold yearly gatherings of great council, and guidance of serious matters would have taken place.
    This speaks of Education, Community, Council, Arbitration

Much of what I forge is in the spirit of the Senodruides of the Carnutes. A lot reaches outside my Tegobessus into the greater Gaulish community. As one of the critical elements of Tegos Carnution is that of service, it is not just a stay-in-the-home thing or even stays in the Carnution Realm type of Tegos. It is in the spirit of the Senodruides. Most of all that I have created or helped create is based on the thought of the Carnutian Druides. Things like my art, Bessus Nouiogalation, Drunemeton, Galatîs Litauiâs, Ueletorunoi, and much more. Scaxslos Carnuton has been there to help guide me.