Way of the Turtle a Turtle Philosophy

For the Children and the Child within us all. The write-up below differs vastly from my usual as we will dive into our inner child pulling philosophical and spiritual understanding from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yes, you read that correctly. As I wanted to do something not so serious and to show how deepContinue reading “Way of the Turtle a Turtle Philosophy”

Rite of Awen

Often in life, we forget what we are doing and about, which can block our creative energies. Feeling this block can bring us down and into another state of being, which can be unpleasant for ourselves and those around us. To help overcome this, we can turn to the Rite of Awen, a powerful riteContinue reading “Rite of Awen”

Through the Realms of Drus

This meditation ritual can help you connect with the energy of the World Tree (Drus) and the three realms it represents Dubnos, Bitus, and Albios. By visualizing Drus and experiencing the significance of each domain, you can gain a deeper understanding of the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. The liminal space of Antumnos isContinue reading “Through the Realms of Drus”

The Rays of Awen

As A Druid, I connect a lot to what we call Awen. Awen is considered a force that can flow through anyone open to receiving it, and it helps to inspire creativity, insight, and spiritual illumination. It is also seen as a way of connecting with the natural world and the cycles of the seasonsContinue reading “The Rays of Awen”

To Hekate

This write-up differs from any of my others as this is not about Gaul, Druids, or any other topics I usually write about. This is a gift for my beautiful wife, which you can find her blog over at the Herbal Alter. She is a devotee of Hekate and has been building a relationship withContinue reading “To Hekate”

Bessus, Touta, and Uarina

With the many different Gaulish groups out in the world, it can confuse many people. I will break down my stuff for you so that it may shed some light your way. Tegobessus – Specific to a family or household. Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutes) is my Hearth/House custom; as the name suggests, it isContinue reading “Bessus, Touta, and Uarina”

Sitting with Belinos

Within Galatîs Litauiâs we have month-long activities. This is called sitting with a Deuos, so each day, spend some time with a Deuos of your choosing for a month and write or draw things down for them this could be Poems, Prayers, Rites, Myths, or even art, and songs. Great golden chains forged from theContinue reading “Sitting with Belinos”


Some words are not meant for others to see, so I have left them out. The Shadows in the Forests Path I know some of you may have your opinions and may not see me as a Druið, but that’s fine; I can’t keep denying the Senodruides because of how I think others will feel.Continue reading “Druið”

Invocation to Gwydion

I invoke GwydionThe one born of TreesGreat weaver of the unseenMaster of trickery and phraseAdvisor of the wayWise Druid of oldI look to your great fortress in the starsI give offering and thanks to youI ask for your insights on this dayThanks to youCheer to youI praise you GwydionI go in peace Gwydion is a Hero, Magician,Continue reading “Invocation to Gwydion”

Awaken with Belinos

The Dêuoi are not only reachable around an altar or shrine; rather, they are reachable in every aspect of our lives. I take more of an animistic approach to the Dêuoi, which means I often sit under a tree or by a mountain stream and talk with them. For me, this is more a connectionContinue reading “Awaken with Belinos”