Teachings of Sucellos and Nantosueltâ

Sucellos, the generous father, is often depicted with his hammer, pot, dog, raven, and grapes, which symbolize his roles as protector, creator, provider, destroyer, and source of abundance. He was a beloved deity who was revered by the common people and who helped them shape their land and protect their boundaries. Nantosueltâ, the great mother,Continue reading “Teachings of Sucellos and Nantosueltâ”

The Alchemical Journey of Into the well, Out into the valley

The story I wrote called Into the well, Out into the valley describes a journey of death, rebirth, and life, which is also a metaphor not just for the Souls journey but also a symbolic representation of the alchemical transformation and transmutation process. This journey leads to the creation of the philosopher’s stone or the elixir ofContinue reading “The Alchemical Journey of Into the well, Out into the valley”

Journeying with Sucellos and Nantosuelta: Connecting with the Gifts of the Earth and the Depths of the Soul.

The purpose of this meditation is to connect with the energy of Sucellos and Nantosuelta and to tap into their teachings of balance, renewal, and abundance. This can help cultivate a sense of gratitude for the gifts of the earth and encourage a deeper connection with the natural world. This can also promote an understandingContinue reading “Journeying with Sucellos and Nantosuelta: Connecting with the Gifts of the Earth and the Depths of the Soul.”

Rite for Boundary (Orbios)

Boundaries are significant for the safty of our homes and land. This small rite is for creating a boundary to protect you and yours. The safty of what is within our boundaries is very important not just in the physical reality but also in the mental realities of the self.  People carry all kinds ofContinue reading “Rite for Boundary (Orbios)”

Into the well, Out into the valley

The story below describes a journey of Death, Rebirth, and Life. This is the transmigration of the Soul, a vital part of Druidicos (Druidic thought) and Galatis thought. Of course, many might have different poetic ways of describing all this.Sucellos does his workings within the Earth for Nantosuelta to bring it from the Earth. ThereContinue reading “Into the well, Out into the valley”

Sucellos in Carnuticâ

These are my thoughts. I have nothing to back them up but my connection to Sucellos and connecting dots of the things I see as a picture. I know many folks like hard facts to claim truths, and that is just fine. Some folks would like to find a Dêuoi name that would prove aContinue reading “Sucellos in Carnuticâ”

Îuos Nantosueltiâs etic Sucelli

Centusamos “Start of Summer” This is an Îuos (Holiday) created by Touta, Bessus Nouiogalation (Custom of the New Galatis). This Îuos comes when the first 2 quarter moons fall upon the coming before Cenodiios – “long day” – summer solstice (Cenodiios is when the Sun reaches its northernmost point from the equator and falls onContinue reading “Îuos Nantosueltiâs etic Sucelli”

Inscription’s to Sucellos and Nantosuelta

These are the 11 inscriptions of Sucellos and one of Nantosuelta. Within, you will find some history of the inscriptions. When it comes to the images, I did not want to run into copyright problems. So I drew the image representing the original image as best as possible. Some images will be missing because thereContinue reading “Inscription’s to Sucellos and Nantosuelta”

Father Sucellos

These are the reasons why I feel that Sucellos is a creator/father god and a polyfunctional god. I go into many things, and many more will be added in time as I become closer to Sucellos. This is not about my personal relationship with him. that will be in another place. Within these words, IContinue reading “Father Sucellos”