Rite for Boundary (Orbios)

Boundaries are significant for the safty of our homes and land. This small rite is for creating a boundary to protect you and yours. The safty of what is within our boundaries is very important not just in the physical reality but also in the mental realities of the self.  People carry all kinds ofContinue reading “Rite for Boundary (Orbios)”

Into the well, Out into the valley

Awake from your slumbers I awakened by the gentle voice of Nantoseulta pulling me up. I stare into her eyes and feel a great peace knowing that all is well—her long flowing hair dancing in the breeze. She takes my hand, and we walk in her stream. Passing by the now of time coming andContinue reading “Into the well, Out into the valley”

Sucellos in the Carnutes Territory

I know most of you folks are saying in the back of your minds when you read the title, of course, Branos would go there.  These are my thoughts. I have nothing to back them up but my connection to Sucellos and connecting dots of the things I see as a picture. I know manyContinue reading “Sucellos in the Carnutes Territory”

Îuos Nantosueltiâs etic Sucelli

Centusamos “Start of Summer” This is an Îuos (Holiday) created by Bessus Nouiogalation, which means Custom of the New Galatis. Please find out more about our Custom in the link at the bottom of the page. So a little break down of the Naming of the Holiday. Centusamos (Start of Summer) Cintus, which means firstContinue reading “Îuos Nantosueltiâs etic Sucelli”


These are the 11 inscriptions to Sucellos, the only ones we have found to this day. Within, you will find some history of the inscriptions. When it comes to the images, I did not want to run into copyright problems. So I drew the image representing the original image as best as possible. Some imagesContinue reading “INSCRIPTIONS TO SUCELLOS”

Celicnon Sucellî

(Hall of Sucellos) MY THOUGHTS These are my reasons why I feel that Sucellos is a creator/father god and a polyfunctional god. I go into many things, and many more will be added in time as I become closer with Sucellos. This is not about my personal relationship with him. that will be in anotherContinue reading “Celicnon Sucellî”