Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

These Caton (Throwing) methods provide a much deeper layer to your readings and help you see much deeper into the unknown. Some caton are more challenging to learn than others, but be patient and meditate on your intentions before each canton and trust your intuition.

I have listed these in order from easy to hard. You will notice Beginner Level and Intermediate levels here. It is strongly recommended to start simple and work your way up. I’m working on a more Advanced level Caton which uses all the Runoi at the moment there is only one advanced level caton and that is Consseriâ (Constellations) so Mantalon (Path) and Drus (World Tree) will have alternate versions in time.

Keep checking back to see if any new caton has been added.

Tries (Three)

Gaulish Divination
  • Beginner Level
  • Pull three Runoi and lay them out in a horizontal line.
  • The first Runos illuminates what actions from the past have brought you to the current situation.
  • The second Runos characterizes your current problem and may help you understand it better.
  • The third Runos alludes to the most likely future outcome based on where things sit currently.

Colanis,Britus,Anaman (Body,Mind,Spirit)

Gaulish Divination
  • Beginner Level
  • Place three Runoi in a vertical line.
  • The Runos on the top represents your current physical environment.
  • The Runos in the middle represents your current mental environment.
  • The Runos on the bottom represents your current spiritual environment.

Rotos (Wheel)

Gaulish Divination
  • Beginner Level
  • Place four Runoi in a circle, starting at the top and working clockwise.
  • The Runos at the top shows you the things that have already happened. It is the ”cause”.
  • The Runos to the right are influencing the situation.
  • The Runos at the bottom reveal a truth about the situation hidden from you. It points out a motivation that we are unaware of but dramatically influences the current situation.
  • The Runos on the left illuminates the influence that others are having.

Medios (Center)

Gaulish Divination
  • Beginner Level
  • Pull a Runos and place it in the center.
  • Runos two place to the left of the center Runos.
  • Runos three place above the center Runos.
  • Runos four place below the center Runos.
  • Runos five place to the right of the center Runos.
  • Runos two represents the past.
  • Runos one represents the present the center Runos.
  • Runos five represents the future.
  • Runos four the bottom Runos gives deeper insights into how the problem or issue can be worked out.
  • Runos three the top Runos will reveal what can be achieved if this problem is sorted.

Mantalon (Path)

Gaulish Divination
  • Intermediate Level
  • Pull five Runoi out one at a time. They will be placed in a horizontal from left to right.
  • The Runos on the far left represents your current place in life.
  • The Runos second to left represents your thoughts.
  • The Runos in the center represents your heart’s longing.
  • The Runos to the right of center represents your focus.
  • The Runos on the far right represents your future influences.

Consseriâ (Constellations)

Gaulish Divination
  • Intermediate Level
  • This is a great way to look into where you are on your spiritual journey. Pull ten Runoi and scatter them of a flat surface.
  • The Runa in the center holds the greatest pull on your current position, and importance radiates outwards. Now the Runoi that are furthest from the center has less impact. Pay close attention to which Runoi touched in the throw and are touching, and those that are away from one another. Those that are close indicate complementing influences. Also, those that land facedown, meaning the Runos are not shown these Runoi can show you possible effects.
  • Advanced Level
  • Do the same as above but instead of only using ten Runoi use all the Runoi. This takes a very deep knowlege of Ueletorunoi.

Drus (World Tree)

Gaulish Divination
  • Intermediate Level
  • You will pull ten Runoi and place like below.
  • One Runos will be placed at the top: Your most positive influences & accomplishments.
  • Two Runoi will be placed below the top : The left Runos: physical & mental feelings; The right Runos: current energy level.
  • Two Runoi will be placed below the last placement: The left Runos: your recent accomplishments; The right Runos: your moral code.
  • One Runos will be placed below the last placement: your health & any present health concerns.
  • Two Runoi will be placed below the last placement: The left Runos: creative influences & mind; The right Runos: love influences & concerns
  • One Runos will be placed below the last placment: your imagination & direction
  • One Runos will be placed below the last: your present influences concerning your home.