Cerdis Ueletorunon (Poem of the Seeing-Runes)

A Runoi Poem written by the Bardos Cunolugus Drugaisos


adgarman anuanā regention
essi ibon dubrū comeni. 
ne oinū uergā extos eti 
uepoi dancont runon uīridi. 

To call upon the names of the Ancestors
is to drink from their well of memory. 
Not only one’s deeds but also
words reveal the mystery of Truth. 


epos ac redios senānt rēdon 
isarū con comaxtiā tancūc. 
bendis uenitus buet matreiā
druti nec rēmman suedibati. 

Horse and rider complete the journey 
swiftly using teamwork and understanding.
A harmonious relationship must be a bond
of trust and not a fetter of self-loss. 


iagis regiet nantēs linauniās,
sedos po belītun au sunnū. 
maruos gandet anation mandu
uta ategensetor noibon. 

Ice freezes the flowing stream,
calmness until illumination from the sun. 
Death allows the soul to reflect
so that it is born again unattached. 


cridion cerdi essi nou cellon
enemnonue extos auenin. 
aidus prion brennet oibeliā
barani ac alietor adiantū. 

The heart of a craftsman is not 
the hammer or anvil but it is inspiration. 
The fire to create burns from a spark
of passion and is fed by enthusiasm. 


locos essi lanos dubrācon
dubnon etic badaunon obnon. 
andounnā remā linut entra
succās anatii dacion galin. 

A lake is filled with watery 
depths and drowning fears. 
The primal water from below flows inside 
the roots of the soul to reveal courage. 

mī suesin sagiū tagon sunon,
combortion mou con me are me. 
ion anation celtetor cicū,
adissiet be butā dēuobi. 

I myself seek to understand the self,
the cooperation of me with me for me. 
When the soul is covered with flesh,
it will still strive to exist with the Gods. 


nertos corii ne gaisūs uicon
extos tanus corioni brenni. 
intra britiā nertos indetor
etic sernat ad ollon carbi. 

Strength of a warband is not the warriors’ 
spears but the fire of the passionate warlord. 
Within the mind, strength is kindled
and spreads to all of the body. 


orbios datietor uenī entra
nec ex canton tegiās cummiās. 
ecuorandā rogetor segū
uariniās ac ne antā tirous. 

An inheritance is given to the family within 
and not outside the circle of the dear home. 
The tribal boundary is determined by
the people’s energy not the land’s limits. 


parios lanos berbet ulidoniūs,
ion parios uāstos berbet maruon. 
anation sopīt trogon prassous 
dibatic, runos parii noibi. 

A full cauldron feeds the feasters,
while an empty cauldron feeds death. 
The soul follows the cycle of creation and destruction,
mystery of the Sacred Cauldron. 


rotos brissātos barenācu
autagetor axtiā excitiā. 
conuextion retet areuidū
couīri, roton ueiās taliās. 

A wheel broken by a rocky path 
is fixed by unwearied action. 
The cosmos spins according to
Cosmic Order, the wheel of balanced energies. 


ðirās candont in noxtem celtin
etic in robusson ausoniās. 
leuceton uiridi dīsunāt 
anation tagon sueurixtous. 

The stars shine in the hidden night
and in the awakening of dawn. 
The light of Truth awakes
the soul to understand self-opposition. 


sonnos dancet mantalon rēdi,
extos celset lorgon con ueglū. 
anation gnuscīt con conlougū
uidiiiās droueton cammanon. 

The sun reveals the course of the journey,
but may cover the pathway with blindness. 
The soul learns by means of the light
of revelation to trust the path. 


trexos uix ne oinū dīuicet
oicon extos adberet oinānon. 
conuextion delgetor asson trei
trexon diassous dacouergi. 

The victorious warrior not only defeats
the enemy, they sacrifice oneself. 
The cosmos is kept ordered through
the power of ritualistic manifestation. 


taranus uoueret ne oinū
obnos extos eti dīsdrucos. 
conuextion uegiet antiūs grimūs
canti digion rocerdin bendin. 

Thunder causes not only
fright but is also harmless. 
The cosmos weaves opposite forces 
together to form a harmonious composition. 


uros nertācos buē riios, 
acus uixton uta anextlon. 
cobros rasson ixson oini au
gussū traxiet lobrosagitin. 

The powerful aurochs was free,
quick to fight in order to defend. 
The desire to shield one’s own from
harm will overcome weakness. 


uissus roancetor ne oinū
gnuxiū extos eti uidiiiā. 
anation sagiet boudon uissun
uta buet in deluin talin

Knowledge is obtained not only
by learning but also by vision. 
The soul seeks to gain knowledge 
so that it may exist in a balanced form. 


alcos aneget cordon guttiū
ualū carnon ad uiduconē. 
Dēuoi gallont rasson nos extos
ne gaison anson uomedietor. 

An elk protects the herd with a powerful
thrust of its antlers at the wolf. 
The Gods are able to shield us but
our spear must not be discarded. 


drūið essi altrauos etic 
uoglennos rorunon angnaton. 
doratiā Antumnū ancoret
anatiū uelīetio runūs. 

The Druid is a teacher and a student 
of the unknown Great Mysteries. 
The gateway to the Otherworld opens
for the soul that sees the mysteries.