Dedmatâ Uatous

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

(Rite of divination/poetic inspiration)

A Gaulish Divination Ritual

Create A Sacred Space.

I use the help of Nemetona as for me she is the conduit. She helps me create the space needed for this Ritual.

Prayer to Nemetona

May I walk the ancient stones into your hallowed forest. May your forest trees open. May you the protector, provider of the sacred. May you that is sacred. May you grant me permission to kneel beside you and be a part of you.

Light your choice of incense I use Vanilla as it is a warming and comforting smell. It helps to create calmness in the air.

Turn off white/blue lights any cool lights will interfere with the environment you are trying to create. You want a warm light yellow color. The best would be candlelight.

Brattos corbi (casting cloth) made from whatever you like but let it remain as that.

All this is grounding and centering you and the surrounding energies.

Make Offering – This is your choice of what that is.

Invoke Your dêuos (if you chose to do that) for me personally I invoke the dêuos I see as being related to Divining.
Here are some Ideas of dêuos that can be related to divining.

Suleuiâ name means “good guide”
Compared to the Roman Junones (feminine guardian spirits)

Suleuiâ or Suleuiâs are Goddesses of people, but in an important functional context — places, especially homes. Now it may have in the past been tribal or regional Suleuiâs that were more relevant. In a modern context, as many of us do not live around, and in many cases don’t live with folks who share our Bessus (custom), Suleuiâs solve the Gaulish context of the household spirit.
So it would be fitting that they would Guide you during divining.

Carnonos (Cernunnos) name meaning ”Horned One “
God of liminality he sits between the worlds. Helping us to stay centered so we can find true judgment.

Rosmerta name meaning the Great Provider some folks in the community feel she is connected to fate as the weaver of fate.

  • Quietly ask your question or let a feeling rise
  • Shuffle your Runoi
  • Feel the moment and then Draw or cast.
  • Interpret your meaning
  • Say a prayer
  • Thank the Gods

Closing Prayer to Nemetona

Nemetona I leave your ancient stones as the way I came to you humbled and in awe. I stand and thank you for this moment in your presence.

Thanks to Nelos for Language Support

Also, Section on Suleuiâ comes from Bessus Nouiogalation

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