Dêuoi Carnution

The Carnutes are known as the home to the famous Druits gathering. At the sacred Site, the Druids would meet once a year. The territory is also known as the center of Gaul, where Caesar killed Cotuatus, a priest called a Gutruatus (master-of-invocation) that helped to fuel the rise of the Gauls against Caesar. A few religious sites (Local sanctuaries) stayed intact after the Roman Conquest. These are the gods that have been found in the Territory of the Carnutes Tribe, along with some around the territory.

You can find more info on the Carnutes all around my site. Some of the things I speak on are of a modern understanding and some or of historical.
Here are a few articles to help you understand the Carnutes.

The image at the top is from a Bronze coin dating from 40-60 bc. This is the back side of the coin of a Goddess, maybe Rosmerta. I say her because she is found within the Carnutes territory. I just have not gotten to write about her yet (or a woman?) Seated, draped in a garment. She holds an object resembling three snakes in one hand and rests her other arm on the backrest. In front of her a volute in the shape of an esse.

Galatis Carnutiacos
Carnutes Timeline
Ducospiâ Carnuton
Invocation to Cotuatus

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism
Gaulish Polytheism


God of The Carnutes Tribe. We don’t have much to go on with this Deuos, only a single inscription on a bronze figurine of a prancing horse. It reads “sacred to the godContinue reading “Rudiobus”

Gaulish Polytheism


Goddess of the Carnutes TribeAcionna is known from an inscription discovered in 1823, 35 meters deep in a well. The well-named Fontaine l’Etuvée at a place known as Clos de la Belle-Croix outsideContinue reading “Acionna”

Gaulish Polytheism


God of the Carnutes tribe. We have found the Name of this god on four inscriptions. Two are in France and two in Austria.The First is found in Bourges(Avaricum), France from the tribeContinue reading “Mogetius”

Segeta Gaulish Goddess


Goddess of the Carnutes Tribe and the Senones Tribe Segeta is mentioned in three inscriptions. One is in Bussy-Albieu (Loire) with Dunisia. In Feurs (loire) and in Sceaux-en-Gatinais (loriet).The Inscription found in Sceaux-en-GâtinaisContinue reading “Segeta”