Druið Bedoratêos

Druið Bedoratêos is Gaulish for Graveyard/Cemetery Druid. This is where I will post my Photography and talk about Bedorâti (Cemetery/Graveyard). So join me on my walks into the Bedorâti.

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

Druið Bedoratêos Work, Entry 1

Today was my first day of volunteer work cleaning Logâ (headstones) at the Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, NC. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have always wanted to be of service…

Gortiâ Artuânon

I have a deep passion for Cemeteries, and I love to go and read the names on the markers (Gravestone). I love to pick up trash and just the general vibe I get…

Antioch Cemetery

A small cemetery out in the mountains on the side of a hill. This is located in Hot Springs, North Carolina.

Fairview United Methodist Cemetery

This one Im not to sure about its location I was driving and came across this beautiful cemetery its near Hot Springs North Carolina. This cemetery sits on two rolling hills with a…

Bent Creek Baptist Graveyard

A little Graveyard behind a church overlooking the Mountains in Asheville North Carolina. So me big old trees here that seem to me to be the Uernos (Gatekeeper) of the graveyard.

Hopewell Presbyterian Historic Cemetery

The Cemetery is located in Huntersville North Carolina. This is the oldest cemetery in Mecklenburg County. The oldest grave in the cemetery is from 1775. This cemetery has the third highest concentration of…

Violet Hill Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Asheville North Carolina behind Harmony Hill Church which i think is abandoned. This is an old cemetery that is not that well taken care of which is sad…

Green Hill Cemetery

Green Hill Cemetery is located in Waynesville North Carolina. The site its upon a beautiful hill over looking the Blue-ridge mountain range. A truly beautiful spot to lay.The cemetery has many of local…

South Asheville Cemetery

This cemetery is a very energetic place with a beautiful atmosphere. I encountered the gatekeeper in the form of a beautiful turkey upon entering. This Cemetery is located in south Asheville North Carolina.…

McCall Cemetery

The MaCall Cemetery is located deep in the Pisgah forest on the Cemetery loop Trial off of Forest Road 475 in western North Carolina. Named after the The McCall family Pioneers who helped…

Riverside Cemetery

This Cemetery was founded in 1885 on August the 4th. Its 87 acres of rolling hills and flower gardens overlooking the French Broad River in Asheville North Carolina. This cemetery is home to…

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