Ducospiâ Carnuton

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

(Rebellion of the Carnutians)

Two days within the history of the Carnutes are of value and importance to making a litus (Festival)This litus is for remembrance and to honor those that came before. The history of the Carnutes is of the highest importance for Gaul, often overshadowed by other events within the Senogalatis history.

The Rise

On February 13, 53 BCE, The leaders of the Carnutes Cotuatus and Conconnetodumnus rose up against the occupation of Rome in Carnuticâ. This was the start of the rebellious fire that spread all around Gaul. It was also the end of the Carnutes as Rome retaliated the following year.

The Fall

In the summer of 51 BCE, the exact date is unknown. Caesar headed back to Carnuticâ from his victory in Alesia, captured Cotuatus and the other Carnutes, killed them, and left Cenabum in ashes. This put an end to the uprising in all of Gaul.

This is also a time of great mourning as the Druides become outlawed and all sacred spaces are destroyed within Carnuticâ and the whole of Gaul. 


These two points in history will become our litus. This litus is about the uprising remembering the Bravery and Courage needed to go against a mighty force. It’s about standing for what you believe in, no matter the cost. Freeing oneself and others from tyrannical minds that would oppress you and your fellow people. Remember that to live free; we have to fight for it. Speak your mind and be loud and stern. Sound your Carnux just as Cotuatus showed us. On this day, do something to honor those that faced the tyrannical forces head-on.

Light of the Senocarnutes

Take a candle and light it and let it stay lit all day. It is best to have a skull candle or a candle on a skull, as this goes into the idea of the Senogalatis keeping the heads of their ancestors. Leave some words with the candle in honor of the Senocarnutes and spend some quiet time with them as you sit in a dark room in a meditative position with your eyes closed and pointed at the candle. Try and see if any visions or words come to you. The Senocarnutes might have something to share.   

Celebrated on February 13 or any good day within February closest to the Dark Moon

The Rite

I will be using The opening and closing structure from Drunemeton.

Mediolânon to center the mind beforehand.

Purification before the start.
Wash/Breathe deeply, and clear the mind. Saying

“Clean Hands”
“Clean Mind”
“Clean Soul”

Before opening the Nemeton

We honor the Matronās Deruonās as is proper.
“Oak Mothers”
“First Daughters of the Cosmos”
“Primal Sisters of Destiny”
“Weavers of the Unknown
and Knowers of the Woven”
“To you is apportioned the gifts of Life and Death, which are determined by the threads you spin, measure, and cut, and then weave those threads into the Tapestry of Destiny, our lives are interwoven with one another.”

“We give this offering to you before we establish our sacred nemeton, We thank you for bringing us together for this Great Rite.”

Offer something primal or in a primal manner involving Fire and Water.
A small cauldron filled with some water and a candle burning inside it. A piece of thread/yarn is held over the flame until it catches fire and then dropped into the water. This is a symbolic act to represent them and their function. The burning string represents the end of our lives, but then our souls fall into the cauldron of rebirth.

Opening the Nemeton

The Druið opens the Nemeton and calls on the Quarters.
The bell is rung 3 times. (This is to let all know a rite is about to take place.)
The Druið circles the outside boundaries of the Nemeton using a cedar bundle as an offering. As the Druið does this, the Druið calls on Rigonemetis to protect the boundaries of the nemeton. 

“Rigonemetis, mighty grove king, we ask for your protection and to establish the sacred boundaries of this Nemeton. Where I walk now becomes the sacred boundary under your mighty arm.”

The Druið enters the Nemeton. As the Druið circles, sacred herbs are sprinkled as an offering to Nemetona.

The Druið says, “A great rite is about to take place on this Atenolucrâ. Nemetona, will you grant us entrance under your sacred canopy within your Nemeton?”

(If yes, go on about the rite.
If no, stop.)

Light your sacred fire.

“Aidonâ, may you brighten and provide as you have since the beginning of time.

I take part of your flame and your illumination with me.”

Walk to the Are (East). “May we see your path, the path of Samos.”
Walk to the Dexsiuos (South). “May we see your path, the path between Samos and Giamos.”
Walk to the Eri (West). “May we see your path, the path of Giamos.”
Walk to the Tutos (North). “May we see your path, the path between Giamos and Samos.”
Walk to Medios ( the middle). “May this path always be illuminated, for this is the place all lay.”

The Druið then walks to the South and places an offering. “Through the Order of Aidus and the Chaos of Dubron exist harmony.”

The Druið walks to the North and places an offering. “Through the Chaos of Dubron and the Order of Aidus exist harmony.”
The Druið goes to the altar. “The flames of Aidus lay upon the surface of Dubron. Their union creates the flow of all that is and all that will be.”
“Belinos, watcher of the celestial fire in water, holder of order and chaos, may your eye guide and watch over us. As you are tasked with a great duty, we thank you.”

The Nemeton is now open.

We gather in this great Nemeton on this day of remembrance to show our great admiration for the Senocarnutes and feel their great sacrifice. May we always remember the haunting sound of the Carnux on this day.

(Opening the doorway) Calling Scaxslos Carnuton

Scaxslos Carnuton, keeper of the ways of the Carnutes
Great conduit of ancestral memories of the Senocarnutes
I call to you to help my words be known
May you help to connect them to the Deuoi and Ancestors I call to.
(Give offering)

Natâ (Chant)

Touta Cundont (The People Rise)
Carnutes, Carnutes, Carnutes
Touta Commeniont (The People Remember)
Carnutes, Carnutes, Carnutes
Carnux, Carnux, Carnux, Carnux, Carnutes


We invoke the Senocarnutes, Wise Mothers, Brave Fathers, Old families of the old tribe.
The Druides, knowers of all that is around
The Bardoi, speakers of flowing sounds
The Uatis, seekers of the astound
The Smith that shapes
The Merchants who trade
The Farmer who tills
The Warrior that protects
The Mother who nurtures
The Father that defends
The Daughter and Son that play

We invoke the Dêuoi Carnution, Mogetius, Segats, Acionna, Rudiobus, Rosmerta, Suleuiâs, and the many unknown to us.
Mogetius, the great power of the tribe
Segats, protector of our prosperity
Acionna, flowing waters of clarity
Rudiobus, the might of energy
Rosmerta, the giver of our plenty
Suleuiâs, our great guides of decisions
Unknown Dêuoi, may you become known

We now invoke Cotuatus
I invoke you Cotuatus
Holder of the voice and the spear
Warrior Priest of the Carnutes Those of the Horns
Master of Îanolabâ (Right Speech)
Destroyer of oppression
Great freedom fighter of the Galatis
You showed us Uâriâ (duty)

Now that you all are here, we ask nothing from you at this time, as you give and have given us so much; we are here to honor you and to echo your memories; we are here to tell you we pick up where you left off. We are here to show you that a united Gaul is possible.
We give to you this great gift created by many this is our way of carrying on your voice into this day. This is our way of standing up to the imperialistic voices that would oppress this is our way to unify. This is our great offering to you all, the offering of the Sounding of the Carnux, a mighty declaration to carry on your voice.

Take this moment to share any feelings and words you have. One can recite a poem or story, sing songs, and all that.

Words from the Brennos, Cunolugus Drugaisos of Galatîs Litauiâs

The awakening of the dawn
rekindles the fire in our hearts.
We’ve sworn oaths to rise in revolt,
but our freedom drives us to start.
As we are the sacred center,
so we will be the unsheathed sword.
Now let the wind carry our deeds
to the tribes along with these words:
Now is the time to rise as one,
for now we do not stand alone.

dīsounon Ausoniās
atedauīt aidun cridiobis anson.
tonxtomes do ateregiā duscopiā,
extos riioton aget nos do cemmū.
duci emmos mediolānon,
suā bisiomos cladios ambiuixtos.
nu auelos bereto uergā anson
toutābo ac uepūs sindūs:
nu essi tanā do ateregiā au oinos,
auc nu ne sistāmos oinānos.

All praise the Senocarnutes.
All thank the Senocarnutes.
Cheers to you Senocarnutes. 

All praise the Dêuoi Carnution
All thank the Dêuoi Carnution
Cheers to you Dêuoi Carnution

All praise Cotuatus
All thank Cotuatus
Cheers to you Cotuatus

Natâ (Chant)

Touta Cundont (The People Rise)
Carnutes, Carnutes, Carnutes
Touta Commeniont (The People Remember)
Carnutes, Carnutes, Carnutes
Carnux, Carnux, Carnux, Carnux, Carnutes

We go in peace

Closing of the Nemeton

Druið will make an offering.

“Aisus, great cultivator of Drus, we thank you for tending to that which is the most sacred and for always keeping and tending to our space which is a representation of Drus and the cosmic principles of all that will be and all that is.”

As you walk in each direction, put out the flames.
Walk to the Are (East). “I see the path, the path of Samos.”
Walk to the Dexsiuos (South). “I see the path, the path between Samos and Giamos.”
Walk to the Eri (West). “I see the path, the path of Giamos.”
Walk to the Tutos (North). “I see the path, the path between Giamos and Samos.”
Walk to Medios ( the middle). “May this path always be illuminated, for this is the place all lay.”

Ring your bell three times.