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Gaulish Polytheism, Aisus


Depictions/Inscriptions Pilier des nautes – (CIL XIII, 3026; RIG L2-1) (Depiction with an Inscription) this depiction is him trimming a tree the tree is thought to be a willow. A relief from Treves (Depiction) Thisdepiction is himContinue reading “Aisus”

Gaulish Polytheism


We have imprisoned the goddess, stripped her of her titles and, defiled her waters, land, and air, Vilified her to the point of an unrecognized idea. We have lost a piece of ourContinue reading “Litauia”

Sucellos Carnutian Nemeton


Deuoi of the underworld; If he was the god of the dead we are unsure. Sucellus was widespread we can find him all across Gaul and some consider him the Deuoi that theContinue reading “Sucellos”

Nantosueltia Carnutian Nemeton


Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutes) Deuoi. Her name has a few possibilities. Sun warmed valley and Meandering brock. She is depicted with a saucer or a pot which could be an evocationContinue reading “Nantosuelta”


Deep in the heart of Gaul Is a Town known as Cenabum, modern-day (Orléans) through this town flows a great river called the Loire. This river was crucial for the peoples of theContinue reading “Cenabum”

Triduliâ- Poison Ivy


Now in Galatibessus, everything has a Spirit we call this Anationton (Soul Path). Triduliâ (She of the three-leafed) Triduliâ is an interesting spirit hidden in plain sight waiting for those who dare toContinue reading “Triduliâ”

Pempocelon (Gaulish Five Pointed Star)


This article will have many folks rolling their eyes as for the concept I’m putting out there. This article will be based on the fact that the Druides studied the motions of theContinue reading “Pempocelon”

Druid Tree


Within Druidobessus, we hold sacred a world tree called Drus. Drus sprouts from within the depths of Dubnos.Bringing rise of the trunk into Bitus. For its canopy to reach for Albios. Reflection Reflect uponContinue reading “Drus”


Tegos Branorunânon ( House of Raven Secret’s) Deuoi Nemetona her name meaning She of the sacred grove.She is a goddess of the Sacred Grove.We have a reference to what supposedly a Nemeton would lookContinue reading “Nemetona”

Drunemeton Gaulish Polytheism


As you can see, all my stuff relates to Druids and Gaul. More specifically, to the Ancient Druit of Gaul. I have a deep fire within that drives me to the reconstruction, revivalism,Continue reading “Drunemeton”

Gaulish Polytheism

Ducospiâ Carnuton

This is a Gaulish Holiday for the Carnutes tribe of Gaul. Ducospiâ Carnutonon (Rebellion of the Carnutians)