The Smith

Gobannus, Gobannos, or Cobannus is one of two main Gods of Smithing, Blacksmithing, Metalworking, Carpenters, Craftsmen, Artisans, Sculptors, Metallurgy.The Forge, Anvil, and hammer are his symbols along with a smithing head cap. We have only a zinc tablet we found in Bern, Switzerland that mentions Gobannus It says

(to Gobannus, the world-traveler, dedicated by the people of Brennoduron in the Arura valley.)

Personal Gnosis

Underworld God, Divine hospitallers, brews the drink of the gods, possess animals of the otherworld. Associated with Darkness. Does things out of Necessity. Crafter of the Gods Tools. He is also a Traveler for me the wheel is associated with him as well.

Hammer-power of creation, Protection, renewal, Destruction

Anvil- fertility, to submit, virtue, bravery, and strength universe being forged and can also represent martyrdom.earth and of matter

Raven – keeper of secrets, hidden thoughts, bearer of magic, a harbinger of messages from the cosmos, wisdom, and knowledge-keeping, communicating deep mysteries.

Wolf-Guardianship, loyalty, spirit, Balance, Flexibility, Freedom, Friendly Harmony, Insight, Intelligent, Journeys, Nobility, Order, Paths, Ritual, Royalty,

Fire – Passion, Energy, Action, Consumption Water – Life, Motion, Blessing, Intuition, Transformation,

Air- Balance, Freedom, Unity

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