Ambactos Rotî

Everything is connected in the great cycle of the cosmic order of things, each leading and affecting the other. Just like our wheel helping to carry us, the more spokes, the stronger the journey.

Branos Carnutos
Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

In the grand tapestry of existence, everything is intertwined, each thread connected to another. Just as our ancestors crafted a wheel to aid them on their journeys, so too can we find support and strength in the interconnectedness of all things. Picture this wheel in your mind, with each spoke representing a virtue, a guiding principle we call Îanoi.

Îanoi, the Virtues, are the very essence of a healthy relationship with the Cosmos, encompassing all that exists within it. They serve as mirrors to evaluate our actions, both within and beyond the confines of the self. Embracing these virtues, we strive for a higher state of understanding, a journey of self-improvement that unfolds each day.

It is essential to recognize that no one can claim to be the paragon of virtue, for that is not the purpose of Îanoi. Rather, the virtues are upheld by doing our utmost to embody them. At the end of each day, take a moment of reflection and ponder the virtues you may have fallen short of. Play that moment in your mind, but then, replace it with its corresponding Îanos, the virtue that should have been present. Visualize and feel the transformative power it holds.

Similarly, contemplate the virtues you successfully embodied throughout the day. Pay attention to the emotions and sensations that accompanied these virtuous actions. By observing and embracing these positive experiences, you pave the way to follow the path of Îanos, the virtues themselves.

Each of these Îanoi carries within them a spirit that flows, teaches, and provides. They are not mere words but living entities, guiding forces that shape our interactions with the world. For those who find it challenging to connect with the abstract nature of words, I urge you to take a step back and approach them through the lens of Anationton, the perspective of Animism. Feel the essence of each virtue, sense its impact on your being. Perhaps, in moments of quiet meditation, light a candle and focus on one virtue each week. Allow its energy to envelop you, attuning yourself to the healthy flow it creates within and around you.

Undoubtedly, this path is no simple task. The virtues demand great courage and commitment, especially in moments when our convictions tell us we are right. To walk the path of Îanoi means to question our own behaviors, to cast judgment upon ourselves—a feat few can accomplish. Yet, it is through this self-evaluation that we find the path to greater illumination.

I refer to those who embrace the wheel of Îanoi as Ambactos Rotî

Servent/ambassador/Followers of the wheel. Being an Ambactos Rotî requires diligent effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. Each day, you have the opportunity to evaluate your actions, to construct yourself into a better Galatis. And as you grow and evolve, your energy resonates with others, creating a chain of right action that reverberates throughout the world.

let us embark on this sacred journey together, embracing the wheel of Îanoi, upholding the virtues, and kindling the flame of enlightenment within ourselves. Through our devotion and self-reflection, we shall forge a path of harmony, weaving our actions into the cosmic order of all things.

Now let us Gather around the sacred fire of Aidona as we shall talk about the virtues which we call Îanoi that shape our lives. Look into the flickering flames and feel the warmth that carries the wisdom of our ancestors. As a Druið, I stand before you, adorned in robes of white, green, and gold, ready to share the ancient teachings that have guided our people for centuries.

We hold dear these Îanoi that connect us to the cycle of the cosmos. These Îanoi are not only a reflection of our individual selves but also of our society and our spiritual connection to the gods. Listen closely as I delve into the teachings that form the foundation of our way of life.

I will start with the three laws of the Druids, the Trirextoues, which form the foundation of our teachings. “We proclaim our wisdom through riddles and dark sayings, reminding ourselves that the gods must be worshipped, that no evil should be done, and that we must uphold honorable and virtuous behavior.”

I will now delve into a set of Îanoi that help us greatly, which we call the nine virtues, known as Nauan Nertoi, that guide our people in their daily lives.

First, let us speak of Eriððā or Erissā, the virtue of piety. Our ancestors have shown great devotion to the gods, and it is through their example that we honor the sacred precincts and the rituals that bind us to the divine. Piety is the recognition of our place in the grand tapestry of existence, and the reverence we hold for the gods strengthens our connection to the spiritual realm.

Now, let us explore Carantiā, the virtue of friendship. Friendship is a precious gift, for it fosters trust, companionship, and support. Just as our ancestors valued the friendship of great men and formed alliances based on mutual respect, we too cherish the bonds that unite us. Through friendship, we find strength, guidance, and shared experiences that enrich our lives.

Next, we come to Oigetocariā, the virtue of hospitality. Our Gaulish nature is known for its generous spirit, as we welcome strangers to our feasts without question, offering nourishment and shelter. Hospitality is a sacred duty, for in welcoming others, we embrace the spirit of unity and compassion. Let us remember to open our doors and hearts to those in need, for it is through hospitality that we create a sense of belonging and forge connections with others.

Now, let us embrace Catarniā, the virtue of bravery. Bravery is the mark of a true Gaul, for we fear no battle and face adversity head-on, defending what we hold dear. Just as our ancestors were celebrated for their valor and unwavering courage, let us embody bravery in our daily lives. May we have the courage to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and protect the values we hold sacred.

As the fire’s flames dance higher, let us explore Galā, the virtue of courage. Courage goes beyond mere bravery; it is the fire that burns within us, pushing us beyond our limits and inspiring greatness. Our Gaulish warriors have demonstrated unmatched courage, entering battles with only a girdle around their loins. Let us embrace that same indomitable spirit, stepping into the unknown with courage, and facing our fears with unwavering determination.

Now, let us turn to Lugiā, the virtue of resourcefulness. We Gauls are a people of ingenuity and skill. Our ability to adapt, create, and imitate is a testament to our resourcefulness in the face of challenges. Let us continue to cultivate this virtue, finding innovative solutions and making the most of our resources. Through resourcefulness, we will thrive even in the most demanding circumstances.

Next, we explore Sucariā, the virtue of politeness. Politeness and decorum reflect our reverence for each other and our commitment to harmonious coexistence. Let us uphold the Gaulish custom of maintaining order and respect in our assemblies, valuing the opinions and contributions of each individual. Through politeness, we nurture a sense of unity and mutual respect within our society.

Now, let us discuss Anlabariā, the virtue of avoiding gossip. In our quest for wisdom and reason, we Gauls understand the importance of conveying information directly to the authorities, preventing the spread of false rumors and the potential harm they could cause. By avoiding gossip, we Gauls value wisdom and reason, seeking truth and avoiding the pitfalls of idle chatter. Let us be mindful of our words and use them to uplift and empower one another.

Lastly, let us delve into Couīriextiā, the virtue of relevant speech. Our Gaulish mastery of language and communication is renowned. We speak in riddles and use language that hints at deeper meanings, allowing us to convey truths and express ourselves with eloquence. Through relevant speech, we paint vivid pictures with our words, capturing the essence of our thoughts and sharing our wisdom with precision.

Let these virtues resonate within your heart. Embrace them as the guiding principles that shape your actions and interactions. By embodying these virtues, we honor our ancestors, the gods, and ourselves. Through their practice, we cultivate a society that thrives on honor, friendship, bravery, wisdom, and the pursuit of something greater within and outside ourselves.

Now, my fellow Gauls, take these teachings to heart. Carry them with you in your daily lives, for they are the threads that weave the fabric of our society. Let the Gaulish Virtues illuminate your path and inspire greatness within and outside yourselves. May honor, friendship, bravery, and wisdom guide your every step, and may the legacy of our ancestors live on through you.
As a Druið, it is my honor to pass on this ancient wisdom, to be a steward of our Gaulish Customs. Together, let us embrace the Gaulish Virtues and nurture a future that upholds the values that have shaped us for generations.

The Virtues above are pulled from Roman and Greek text which you can find the sources over at the Gaulish Paganism website.