Îuos Nantosueltiâs etic Sucelli

Centusamos “Start of Summer”

This is a Îuos (Holiday) created by Bessus Nouiogalation which means Custom of the New Galatis find out more about our Custom in the link at bottom of the page.

So a little break down of the Naming of the Holiday.

(Start of Summer)
Cintus which means first or start
Samos which means Summer

So this Îuos comes when the first 2 quarter moons fall upon the coming before the Summer Solstice ( SS is when the Sun reaches its northernmost point from the equator falls on June 20 – 22 it verys from year to year). This Îuos will always fall 2 quarter moons before the SS. Now we use the Coligny calendar for our Îuoi (Holidays) so it will fall on different times each year. That would be around 1 Samonios, 1 Cantlos, or 1 Quimonios. You can find more About the Coligny Calendar at these 2 links.

Bessus Nouiogalation Coligny Calendar
Tegos Skrībbātous Coligny Calendar

Ok this Îuos is Associated with Nantosuelta and Sucellos so Centusamos will be also named Îuos Nantosueltiâs etic Sucelli to show the Dêuoi being honnord on this day.

As the waters of Nantosueltia moisten the soil. Sucellos hammer fertilizes the ground in which he works. And they both bring forth life.

The darkness has come and gone and those things that started to decay and wither in those dark times are now breathed new life into them Its a time of renewal and rebirth. The waters from the earth have started to flow to the blossoming fields and the birds and bees join with the spreading of life. The sun raised high with its warmth as the plants and green reach from the depths of the Dumnos reaching to Albios on their journey to life in Bitus. Sucellos and Nantosuelta rise from the dark depth of Dumnos to bring forth all there glory into the Bitus. With their great gifts of life to the realm of Humans. The return of or mother and father is upon us in this time with the land’s fertility.

Sucellos is the worker within the earth shaping forming that which will become. Phallic
Nantosuelta is the provider from the earth giving and birthing. Yonic

This Divine couple is very important as there union is the key to all. In my humble opinion, one can not worship one without the other. And one can not truly understand them alone but together as a whole.

Things to do to work with them and for them.

Plowing the fields or area
​Studying Agriculture
Digging irrigation
Making Agriculture tools
Making a garden
Planting plants
Keeping Bees
Making things from that which Nantosuelta provides
Making things from that which Sucellos provides
Building Fences
Feeding the Birds
Helping others maintaining their garden spaces​
Picking up trash
Digging for Gems and Minerals
House plants
Help to preserve farmland
Buy local
These are just a few ideas.

We build boundaries with the help of Sucellos to help protect that which Nantosuelta brings forth.


The above could be offerings at some level. Some might say that one should not offer that which the gods offer. I personally disagree with it greatly. I offer grape juice and wine and the likes to them and have had no bad outcome it is quite the opposite I have gotten so much closer. But that is also I think because I make the mead and wine instead of just offering them something that I bought at the store. So I would say I’m agreeing with those that say don’t offer that which the gods give at some level Unless you make it yourself.

Grape Juice
Wine (Made from Grapes or Honey)
Building Birdhouses
Vanilla Scents
Fir Scents
Flower Scents
Keeping an Organized and Honorable House
Small Hammers
Pics of Beautiful Places
Bird Feathers
Gems and Minerals
I offer my whole garden to them
To name a few

One could offer things to them that one would like help with growing.

The Ritual

Outdoor Dedmatâ

Glanosâgon (Purification)

Glanosâgon (cleansing)

If near a house, shower and wash hands. If not, cleanse with hands with water try to be reasonably clean.

After cleaning hands, say “Glanolamâs” (Clean hands)

Wipe forehead and say “Glanobritus” (Clean mind) Wipe face and say “Glananaman” (Clean soul/spirit)

Louceton (Lighting)

Lighting the Aidû (sacred fire)

Light fire and say “Deuiu-mi aidûn” (I light the sacred fire)

A small offering to the fire is appropriate. “Rodîu-mi do aidû”

Offering to Nemetonâ “Rodîu-mi adbertâ dû Nemetonî” (I give offering to Nemetonâ)

Give offering. “An urexet-si sin comarion noibon” (May She make this place sacred)

Uediâ (Invocation)

“Uediomos-nis Nantosueltin ac Sucellin” (We invoke Nantosueltâ and Sucellos)

“Tobertaunâ biuoti do magin, Matîr marâ” (Life giver to the field, great mother)

“Ac ratoatîr, deluâunos au textâ magliâs” (And generous father, shaper of the gifts of the land)

“Rodîmos-nis adbertâ ac trugiâs” (We give offering and thanks)

Adbertâ (Offering)

“Arcîmos-nis dû ratobo maglonon” (We ask for the blessings of the land)

“Dû ollû” (For all)

“Slaniâ suos Trugiâ suos Molâmos-nis suos Nantosuelta ac Sucellê”

(Cheers to you Thanks to you We praise you Nantosueltâ and Sucellos)

“Trougiâ ac molatus dû Nemetonî” (Thanks and praise to Nemetonâ)

“Trougiâ do aidûn” (Thanks to the sacred fire)

“Iâmos-nis eni sedlê” (We go in peace)

This ends the ritual. Put out the fire when appropriate

Rest, eat, recover.

Language is Iextâ Galation
Thanks to my Galatis Brater Nellos for helping me make this A Truly Gaulish Ritual.

These are my thoughts on Sucellos and Nantosuelta and do not reflect all of Gaulish Polytheism or even all of my thoughts on them this just covers some aspects of them mainly the (Rebirth) role. You will see more to come on them in the coming cycle. Also, this is a festival ritual, not your basic everyday rite and offerings.

This is a Bessus Nouiogalation Holiday find out more about these Holidays Here