Molatucerdos means praise artist, and the form is called Brixtodugiion, “honor/worship with paint” So basically, a deluâ, –iâs fa.: image, form; an idol. Below is the art I’m working on for my Molatucerdos project within Drunemeton. This will be part of a more significant project as well. Each depiction of the Deuoi is based on the style from the Gundestrup Cauldron and some elements from Coins found around Gaul. One can see symbolic representations within each image as they teach us about the Deuoi. This work is a way to connect to the past and bring elements into the present. Building on the styles of art so that we may have a material culture is a crucial element for me. Each of these depictions takes much work and meditation to accomplish as this is very much a religious/spiritual act. As a Molatucerdos is not just about doing art but rather doing art that invokes and evokes, this is very much sacred art.
This project will lead to greater work once it is finished. Keep checking back for new images.

Please do not take this work and alter it. The Deuoi guided my hand in the way they wanted to be depicted. The depiction of Belinos below is based on a design from Kykvendi