Meandering Brook

Goddess of the underworld. She is thought to be a river goddess, freshwater goddess or a goddess of Death. She is seen with a saucer or a pot which could be an evocation of the great Celtic Cauldron. She also has a long pole with a house on it. Which could imply prosperity, well being, and domesticity. She also is seen to have ravens evoking associations with death. Also seen with her are birds, cornucopia, and even some claim bees or a beehive. She represents fertility, home, wealth, wisdom, death, war, and peace. Her consort is Sucellus.

Personal Gnosis

She is the goddess commonly associated with the funeral rites, the one who lays you down for the great sleep, guiding you down the great river to the underworld. She is a comforting, loving ~ Mother Goddess

Raven – Divine messenger, deep mysteries, wisdom, light, ancestral memories, healing, a transformation of difficulties into blessings, change in consciousness.

Dove – Ascension devotion, divinity, holiness sacrifice love.

House – Secure foundation, the self, domesticity.

Saucer/ Pot- Providence, feast, wealth, celebration, abundance.

Cornucopia – abundance and nourishment, symbolizes perpetual replenishment in both the mental and spiritual realms.

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