Uelîturunâs is a composition of the Gaulish words Uelît/Seeing and Runa/Runes. This uses all 18 letters of the Lugano alphabet it was used to record Lepontic inscriptions known from around 140 inscriptions, it is one of five main Northern Italic alphabets derived from the Etruscan alphabet dating from 550 to 100 BC. The Germanic runes probably come from a script belonging to this group. We will get more into this at a later time.
Also, the alphabet does not distinguish voiced and unvoiced occlusives. 


Name for the Rûnâ/ (translation)

Rûnâ/Letter (English equivalent)

Interpretation of the meaning of the Rûnâ

Divinatory Meaning


Magical Use

*Connected to in Gaulish Culture. Each one is connected to aspects of Gaulish Culture. So one for the Tribe, or Warband things like that. At the moment they are not connected to the gods as I see no reasoning for them to be. You use them to communicate with the gods.

The first part of the divinatory meaning is Positive the second part is a Negative meaning. But there really is no Positive or negative it’s all about the energies around you and being Intune with your intuition.

The Readings

There are many ways to read the Rûnâ do that which connects with you. Positive/Negative Now with the reading, if the Rûnâ fall face up it is to be read has positive and face down read as negative, or they can be discarded. One must make that decision before casting the Rûnâ. Always be consistent in your casting. I personally don’t do reverse Rûnâ.

Circular Aspects

Casting them onto your cloth visualize the center being positive and the farther away you get the less positive or the center as having the most direct impact and the farther away less impact. One must first determine the location the Rûnâ fall in the casting, Is it inside our outside your field. Which Rûnâ are it near and at what angle are they into the others. Also, are they face up or down.

We will get into all this in-depth in a later article, for now, we are focusing on the Rûnâ themselves.

Now to the symbols/letters



(a message)


Divinatory Meaning

Rûnâ of consciousness but synthetic consciousness. The mysteries that embodied symbolic and linguistic languages. The ability to lead with the voice. Power of persuasion & the spoken word & the ability to imitate. Responsibility to the ways of the ancestors. It is also connected to the first ancestor. So with this comes ancestral memory. Without proper understanding of this Runa one may lead themselves to delusion. One can be manipulated by others. Misuse of knowledge can create a blockage of this force that can create ignorance This Rûnâ is can indicate a Priestly or intellectual person.


Intellectual achievement, Communication, Receiving a message or messages, Insight, Foresight, Clear vision, Truth, Wisdom, Success in negotiations and transactions, Words, Secrets, Ancestors, Leader. Manipulation, Delusion, Misunderstanding, Boredom.

Magical Use

Helps in communication Sovereign action speech and consciousness can be used to protect the traveler and to promote leadership Helps with magical work. Connecting to ancestors, Writing articles.

*Gutuater (Master of Voice)




Divinatory Meaning

A symbiotic relationship between 2 systemically distinct creatures working together. The Mystery of the duality sympathetic forces. Slipping from one world to another. Great loyalty between two creatures. Teamwork in a harmonious way. Whether between the outer and inner self or between two entities. We can have teamwork without loss of individuality. Marriage and partner can be indicated. Trust and loyalty are mutual but at the same time, harmony can lead to sameness and duplications. This can cause a loss of self or loss of the partnership. This can Rûnâ represent your spouse or partner.


Teamwork/Partnership, Loyalty, Trust, Harmony, Movement, Change (especially swift or abrupt change), Creative solutions, Determination, Overcoming fear and doubt, Alliance, Union, Marriage, Offspring, Betrayal, Duplication, Disharmony, Mistrust, War

Magical Use

Transformation initiation can be used as a charm for protection. Help to connect to create balance.

*Matreiâ (Bond, Relationship)



(i/î/i̭[consonantal y])

Divinatory Meaning

An arm that reaches out to concentrated energy that helps create absolute stillness or lack of vibrations. Absolute power inward forces that is as destructive as fire. The release of destructive forces is necessary for change. The gathering of all things into itself to hold them in stillness and darkness a stasis. Ego awareness and self-consciousness. A time to draw back into the self without separating from the world. Being calm in a situation but transitions not always easy. Careful stillness and calmness can create freezing of your life force. Over-concentration of the ego that can create unwanted thoughts by the self and others. One might become blind and the will weaken that will lead to being controlled by others. That can lead to a hard time concentrating on the mind in an activity of thought. This Rûnâ can represent a mystic.


Self-control, Patience, Waiting, Standstill, Turning inward for clarity, Reflection, Accepting the inevitable, Death and rebirth, New starts, Losing and regaining through hard work, Concentrated Self, Ego, Consciousness, Dullness, Blindness, Ego Mania

Magical Use

To give form to action or plan, bring things to a state of Stillness to crystallize and formulate the will. Help with concentration.





Divinatory Meaning

The ability to shape something into being. By the fires of the torch, hearth, altar, forge, and pyre. To shape and reshape oneself and the environment around this is the rune of the Craftsman it is the deep mystery within creation. Divine inspiration under the control human craft which creates artistic creation. Rest is needed to allow one’s creative inspiration to arise. If not, one can become overwhelmed and a lack of creative forces bringing boredom and blockage of creativity. This can lead to problems with relationships and this can create dissolution. This Rûnâ suggest a creative or artistic person


Wisdom, Knowledge, Artistry, Creativity, Passion, Love, Sex, Strength, Inspiration, Courage, Endurance, Transformation, Offspring, Disease, Inability, Lazy

Magical Use

To inspire to see the truth to cause Fire Within. Help with creative energies

* Gobannos (The Smith)




Divinatory Meaning

This Rûnâ is the ultimate life containing force. Water is vital life power – with it also holds mysteries. Connected to a primeval state and the dark deeps. The great Cauldron of life. One must have vital energies to stand to life’s tests or to take a step into the unknown. Transitions from one mid-set to the other is important to act without hesitation. Control of the self. By diving deep one will reap the rewards but must have self-control. On the other hand, if one fears the unknown or change you will fail to live and connect deeply to things. Failing to test oneself and avoiding your path will lead to the damming of this Rûnâ energies and create withering, decay which can lead to poverty. This Rûnâ could suggest a lawyer or a diplomat,


Life, Prophecy, Divination, Revelation, Intuition, Imagination, Creativity, Vitality, Flow/Change/Growth/Renewal (water associations), Success, Mysteries, The Deep, The hidden, The unknown, The Underworld, The fickleness and unpredictably of Nature and Fate, Unconscious, Fear, Avoidance, Decay, Withering

Magical Use

To Aid in memory and exploration of the past to promote growth to connect to the otherworld

* Druits



Divinatory Meaning

Divine Consciousness in man/womankind. We are descendants of the gods and its an unbreakable thing. A harmonious collaboration between the mind and memory and you and the gods. We are only truly human when in the flesh. Shaping ourselves in the image of the divine. Awakening to the great intelligence of divine higher knowledge. Realizations of truths of being human and connecting to inner and social themes. You will understand your individualism within the great Cauldron of life and understand others. Not connecting to the divine can lead you to a place of dwelling on your morality and make way for weakness and hopelessness to rise. This can create depression and misperceptions, your truth will make you isolated from others and the divine leaving you in a state of self-delusion. This Rûnâ represents the Seekers.


Self, Divine Structure, Awareness, Social, Receiving help from others, Exchange, Friends and Family, Forethought, Vision, Psychic sense, positive change through labor, Toil, and Examination of life lessons, Depression, Morality, Blindness, Isolation.

Magical Use

To enforce contracts and social bindings to bring people together. Connecting to the divine

*The Devotee




Divinatory Meaning

The mysteries of strength- need of fire but self-ignited. This is a source of the substance of psychic and cosmic resistance of the will. This force is not in our control, it is outside us. In the cold of the dark, we need the fire to give us strength but this fire must come from within. Realizing the need of strength leads us to appreciate the need. This can be a source of salvation. Coming forth into being. Fighting the will leads to the strengthening of it. If we don’t recognize the need for the fire we will look outwards and never find it. This can create a hostile mind frame and that can turn your environment to chaos. That can, in turn, lead you down a path of the least resistance. We must have a cause and effect to help us in understanding our strengths. We show our true selves in times of distress.


Resistance, Need, Desire, Self Reliance, Responsibility, Hardship, Delay, Restriction, Poverty, Strife, Conflict, Will to overcome, Taking action, The coming solution to the need/desire or hardship, Distress, Toil, Lazy.

Magical Use

Impose restrictions on a situation help to provide a breakthrough to cause the difficulty or building strength.



(inheritance, heritage)


Divinatory Meaning

The symbol of the enclosed space the outsides vs the insides – this makes that which is enclosed sacred. It’s a force to help prevent forces that are unwanted from entering the interior of the enclosed spaces and at the same time creating useful energy within the enclosure. It’s the spiritual energy of a Touta clan/tribe. The energy within the enclosure must be harmonious and follow an order of law. It is a give-and-take within the environment of the Touta. It is not connected to the land but the home within. It is well-being and prosperity within the Touta. Customs and order must be paid attention to, so true freedom and a sense of security can be maintained. If not the right attention is harkened then that can lead to a totalitarian force that will destroy it from within as that can create poverty, slavery which leads to total destruction of the Touta. This Rûnâ represents a Leader or a group of people


Union, Customs, Group, Family, Home, Freedom, Group Order, Interactions, Inheritance, Heritage, Material possessions, Property, Increase of possessions, “reaping what you sow”/achieving reward through effort and planning. Slavery, Totalitarianism, Homelessness, Lack of Customs, Poverty

Magical Use

It helps to generate the desired effect or final rightness in a situation.



(a faraway thing)


Divinatory Meaning

This is the secret and the mystery of the Great Cauldron. One must learn to navigate and understand the forces of the substance that is the Great cauldron. To investigate the unknown we must follow the signs on the path. This is a source of mysteries surrounding Creating, Destroying, Rebirth, Renewal, and Death. It’s the ultimate wisdom to know with death comes life with life comes death. That the cycle is creation and destruction is all around. This is the poetic muse making music and the artist with their paints, the singer singing for creation in its many forms. We sit in ecstasy in a pondering mind state seeking the knowledge and wisdom of the far-away thought the secret. Sometimes we are not meant to know. And if you force this it can create unpleasant consequences. At the same time, this can lead to addictions to the pleasures of the cauldron which will destroy your understanding of it. That will lead to stagnation of the Cauldron. This Rûnâ can represent a Musician or Artist.


A secret, Something unknown, Best left unknown for now, Something lost, Chance, Danger, Struggle, Success through perseverance in the face of adversity, Choosing what is beneficial, Knowledge, Wisdom, Lot, Addiction, Loneliness, Stagnation

Magical Use

Help to make the unknown known. Help to make unknown goals manifest.





Divinatory Meaning

This is the cycle of universal law. It’s the rhythm of all things. This is also what creates the order of The Touta and other bodies of institutions. It’s the sun, moon, and galaxies dancing their way around. This is a journey of that which is rightfully ordered. This is the wheel going in its direction but it also has a spiral direction that helps us to hone in on a target could be an idea or a goal. We must plan accordingly and prepare our actions to gain experience along our path. Always have good counsel on your path remembering you and the gods are working together. When the natural laws of this are broken it will re-balance itself out, but that can create hard times and form a rough journey in your life. You can become surrounded by people that are offering you bad advice, you can become violent and irritable. Remember this is the rhythm of the Life and sometimes it goes off the track but don’t become frantic. Good and bad motions are better than no motion. This Rûnâ can be a person in the legal fields or a person on a Journey.


Keywords Action, Order, Rationality, Movement (physical, emotional, etc), Travel, Safe travel, Rites of passage, Moving away from old cycles, Renewal, Relocation, Career change, Move forward, Remaining stagnant is living thoughtlessly, Crisis, Injustice

Magical Use

For safe journeys. Help with direction, provoke a change of path.




(Tau Gallicum [ts or st])

Divinatory Meaning

This is the gift to mankind – Consciousness born. As the night merges with the day and the stars that shine in the in-between are brought together to understand the polar opposites. Known to all who seek it, the light may be found where you least expect it. This is true vision enlightened consciousness. That which becomes out-and-out becomes bidirectional energy simultaneously working with each other in extreme ways. We don’t seek that which is at the center but that that lay on its borders. If u are not prepared for this, it can lead to blindness to your enlightenment.


Change through overcoming trials and obstructions, Turning back opposition, Rebirth, Liberation, New visions, An Awakening, Truth coming out to the open not always pleasant. The pathway between extremes are seen clearly, New cycles, Renewal at the highest level, Balance between polarities, Creation, Blindness, Unprepared.

Magical Use

Breaking Forth into reality. Help to bring truth and a higher level of consciousness to the self. Help with understanding balance.

*Talet (To Balance)


(the Sun)


Divinatory Meaning

Seen as a great force of nurturing protective power but also transformative. It shines it light encouraging and giving us guidance for hope. We will always be found and never lost as the light will shed away all illusions of your reality. This is also moving and spinning like the Rota Rûnâ, but unlike Rota this Rûnâ forces fixed energies to your journey or goals. This is always forcing us to look within for our answers. But if you do not trust in Rota you will be looking outside yourself for your answers and guidance. You become gullible to others and follow them or end up working for their goals. You lose the light which will make you confused at your sense of purpose and direction. This Rûnâ can be a teacher.


Guidance, Goals, Hope, Success, Victory, Health, Energy, Vitality (life-force), Power, Health, Solar deities, Psychic powers, Magic, Connection between higher self and unconscious, Purity/purification, False Goals, Bad Counsel, Gullibility.

Magical Use

Victory and Success in anything.

* Donicon Noibon


(most powerful)


Divinatory Meaning

This is a deep distant force that keeps the separation of the realms so manifestation in the created space can be known. This is an independent cosmic order to occur. This is faith, loyalty, trust, and justice that can be seen in difficult cycles. A careful view of the facts will lead to victory if you have been wise. Sometimes self-sacrifice is needed for the success of your goals to manifest. We must practice faithfulness and loyalty. This Rûnâ can also work by making you focus too much on the details of your goals which can paralyze your actions. Resulting in too much talk and never doing. This can be an academic person or warrior


Rationality, Self-sacrifice, Warrior, Courage, Honor, Integrity, Victory, Mastery over self, Authority, Rules, Law, Justice, Success in legal matters, Success in competition, Strength but more importantly knowing when and how to use it, Mental paralysis, Injustice, Slow-moving, Too analytical.

Magical Use

To move things into the right direction, to help the initiation, to promote victory

*Corios (Warband)

No Gaulish words starting with 𐌈 There is no sound in the Gaulish Language so this rune is unnamed It’s the sound of Thunder (Þurisaz, Þorn, n/a, Theta)

Divinatory Meaning

This Rûnâ is connected to will and devoid of self-consciousness. It’s the direct force in the universe. This is the raw power of combined polar energies brought together to singular energy. It’s also a reactive force in brute nature. It’s the potential energy within two polarized forces. This is unconscious brought to compulsion and the conscious brought to transformation. Being aware of this power can lead to evolutionary and protective change and regeneration. Being unaware of this power can take you to compulsion and defenselessness and danger.


Reactive forces, Regeneration, Directed force, Divine protection, and assistance, Will, Discipline, Luck, Danger, Compulsion, Defenselessness.

Magical Use

Bringing potential to manifestation, to put something into a state of stasis, to join two things.


(aurochs [wild ox])


Divinatory Meaning

This is the wild force of formation – the will to form. It’s the ordering of substance to the shaping of the universe. This is the fires mixed with the waters of life. This force can transform the weak to the strong removing all weaknesses. The will to form is powerful energy within all things. It is the will to form a desire to defend the Touta the Rûnâ Orbion. This Rûnâ will lead to knowledge and understanding. Misdirection of this energy can lead to obsessive possessiveness and protectiveness. This can be strength used in the wrong way to control others, making you a dictator and that will create sickness and ignorance.


Defense, Freedom, Form, Understanding, Strength, Health/healing, Energy/vitality, Magic, Change (likely sudden, likely self-imposed, likely for the better), Adventure or a quest, Weakness, Obsession, Domination to others or by others, Ignorance

Magical Use

Help with recovery from illness lends strength health and vitality to purify

*Uergobretos (Magistrate)




Divinatory Meaning

This is the magical power to understand the similarities between energies. It’s the harmonizing energies of common beginnings. It’s the subjective feeling one has towards outer and inner harmony with the self and environment. Strive to bring together energy as well as promote good health and peaceful social things. At the same time, one might feel that their individual efforts get lost in a group setting. That can create poor relationships and alienation from the self and others along with the Deuoi. This can be a counselor or a psychiatrist.


Harmony, Fellowship, Prosperity, Good Health, Happiness, Fulfillment, Spiritual reward, Sorrow, Strife Alienation, Bad Health

Magical Use

Promote happiness and promote good working relationships.



the name doesn’t match the sound


(χ[kh] or x[ks])

Divinatory Meaning

This Rûnâ represents man’s connection to his divine self to his gods. The working together with the mysteries of the Rûnâ Sâwelis to create the magical will. This Rûnâ is connected to protective aspects of your Deuoi. This is also the power that drives humans forward or acts against them. One must identify the forces this Rûnâ puts you in. You must become it to understand the divine realizations that are waiting. If not prepared this force can consume you with divine energies. Resulting in a cutoff of the great cauldron of life. This rune represents the Deuoi and their forces.


Connecting to the Dewoi, Awakening, Higher self, Protection and the desire to protect, Victory, Success, Achievement, Accomplishing goals, Consumed by the Dewoi, Loss of connection to the great Cauldron.

Magical Use

Help to invoke the gods for aid. Drawn on doors to protect the structure.

*The Deuoi (The Gods)




Divinatory Meaning

Many seek but few find, none can reveal the secrets in words written. One must work them out and have the capacity to understand the secrets. It indicates one must look harder and be more aware of the powers of the Uelîturunâs. Also giving you a connection to the Otherworld if you understand. Being one who stands at the gates of the Otherworld. Showing those the way. But also being the one shown. This Rûnâ represents the Teacher as the Student and the Student as the Teacher.


A door to the Otherworld, Success, Forward movement, Power and energy, Self-confidence Justice, Knowledge, Wisdom

Magical Use

Help with connecting to the Otherworld, Giving power to yourself or your goals.

* Druidobessus (Druid Customs)

Uelîturunâs will be an ongoing series.

This is part 1 of Uelîturunâs – The Rûnâ

Up next

Part 2 – Uelîturunâs – Ritual
Part 3 – Runâuegon – Runa Weaving

Part 4 – Uelîturunâs – Casting and Reading


Knowledge of different divination tools

Knowledge of Psychology

Intouch with my intuition

Connecting to the Deuoi

Shout out

to Ṷailogenos​ and Nellos .

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