Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

(Runoi Weaving)

This is the art of weaving two or more Runoi together Uegon means sewing or needlework. To combine these Runoi we weave them around and within one another. Never truly destroying or changing the other but wrapping around and through each other. As a needle is carefully weaved – each thread stays the same and at the same time makes something new. And, so do the Runoi weave together, binding them together to create something new and to help resonate certain energy for a certain outcome. To help in creating a precise purpose for you. This is an act of careful understanding of all that flows around us. These combine the powers of the Runoi into one, this is a form of Soito (Magic) – Magic is done by the will to create an outcome.

How To
There is a whole world of things you can use Runuegon for. Protecting your home or garden, even one’s self or others. From relationships with coworkers to family, or to romantic interest. Creative flow or success, you name it. There are a few different kinds of styles or ways to create Runuegon.

  • Linear Runuegon
    • Stacked Runoi which are usually two Runoi that share the same axis, these are for creating manifesting energies.
    • Same Staff Runoi which are Runoi that are written along the same axis, these are for attacking a situation.
  • Radial Runuegon these come from a common center point and from that point are stems that hold the diffrent Runos, these are for creating deffensive/deflect energies.
  • Multi-axial Runuegon are random aragments of the Runoi, this creates a desired effect of anything, keep a good eye in your creating of this type of Runuegon as this is very advaced Soito so make sure you see what it means.

    Crafting the Runuegon
  • One must know the shaps and meanings.
  • To start first decide on your intent. What are you needing? Help with money, love, protection? What is your aim? What are you trying to accomplish? Think about the whole process. The beginning, middle, and end.
  • Find the Runoi you want, or let them find you. Look at all the angles of the meanings of the Runoi. Some might be straight forward, others may make you think deeper. Using up to 5 but no more than that or it might become unfocused.
  • Start by laying out your choices. There may be many forms they can take but it is good to layout different ideas and then picking the one that resonates with you the most. That will become your Runuegon.
  • Draw them – Weaving them together now be careful that unintended Runas do not appear and give you a different outcome then you wanted. These are called Hidden Runoi.

Spell Work

  • This is to help you focus on your will and intent.
  • Carve or Draw the Runoi one at a time chanting the name of each Runos as you place it into the shape.
  • Meditate on the final form so the individual Runos that make up your shape of your desired intent become the Runuegon.
  • Runuegon are a greatly unique magical craft as they are a magical process that focuses on the will and intent.

All things should be consecrated before Spiritual/Religious doings. So make sure to do this with your Runuegon.

Consecration is defined as marking an object as sacred, or declaring that it is for ritual purposes only, through a rite or blessing. We are taking an object that has significant spiritual and ritual meaning and designating it as sacred, proclaiming that it will only be used for spiritual purposes, as it is too special to be used for mundane things.

  • By saying a prayer over the talisman/object and dedicating the use of the tool to your Deuoi.
  • Using anointing oils that have been cleansed and anointing an object by blessing it and marking it with Runoi/staves/sigils.
  • Meditating with the object and running it through smoke and claiming it’s new.
  • Simply set the item on your altar and bless it each day until you feel it will hold its purpose.
  • Consecrating it by air, earth, fire, and water by running it through water, sprinkling with salt, passing it through a flame, and once again through the water.


These are just your basic simple designs. So have fun creating.