Some words are not meant for others to see, so I have left them out. The Shadows in the Forests Path I know some of you may have your opinions and may not see me as a Druið, but that’s fine; I can’t keep denying the Senodruides because of how I think others will feel.Continue reading “Druið”

Invocation to Gwydion

I invoke GwydionThe one born of TreesGreat weaver of the unseenMaster of trickery and phraseAdvisor of the wayWise Druid of oldI look to your great fortress in the starsI give offering and thanks to youI ask for your insights on this dayThanks to youCheer to youI praise you GwydionI go in peace Gwydion is a Hero, Magician,Continue reading “Invocation to Gwydion”


Invocation(I invoke Aisus)(Great tender of Drus)(Celestial woodsman)(First Druits)(Maintainer of the cycles of life and death)(I give offering and thanks to you)(Offering) Depictions/Inscriptions Literary Sources We must remember that the things that the Romans wrote down about him have a political narrative behind them. I have been wanting to do a small write-up about Aisus forContinue reading “Aisus”

Making a Torcos (Very Simple)

Making things is very rewarding, especially things that speak of your devotion to your Deuoi, Ancestors, and community. The most religious relic we have is that of the Torcos (Torc), and in this write-up, I will be guiding you along with Gobannos on how to make a very simple and cheap torc. Gobannos help meContinue reading “Making a Torcos (Very Simple)”


The Inscriptions. I came across five inscriptions to a goddess called Litaui (the vast one), which is Earth or where we get our word for Earth, so it seems we have an Earth Mother, Dêuos. This is truly special as this gives the Gaulish realm much as this fills in many areas for people. ThisContinue reading “Litauia”


God of The Carnutes Tribe. We don’t have much to go on with this Deuos, only a single inscription on a bronze figurine of a prancing horse. It reads “sacred to the god Rudiobus.” It was found at Neuvy-En-Sullias (Loiret). Horses were linked to many Deuoi, including the sky gods and the Gallo-Roman Mars, Jupiter,Continue reading “Rudiobus”


God of the Carnutes tribe. We have found the Name of this god on four inscriptions. Two are in France and two in Austria.The First is found in Bourges(Avaricum), France from the tribe the Bituriges(Bituriges Cubi).It reads to the Divine Augustus and to Mars Mogetius, Gracchus son of Ategnutis gladly dissolved a vow having itContinue reading “Mogetius”

Invocation to Ambicatus

I invoke AmbicatusMighty RixThe one who gives victoryHigh one over GalliâYou saw a great future for all Galliâ, you will live in our hearts and minds foreverWe give offering and thanks to youAmbicatus of the SenogalatîsUncle of Belouesus and SegouesusLord of GalliâYour children liveThanks to youCheer to youI praise you AmbiticatusI go in peace UediumîContinue reading “Invocation to Ambicatus”

Whispers from Carnuticâ, Corroi and the Gobanios

Deep in the heart of Carnuticâ, many stories are told. Some of these stories are brought in by our traders and warriors. Some of them are from far-off lands. Some are right in our home. And some of these are stories told through the ages. One such story is that of the Corroi (Dwarfs). OneContinue reading “Whispers from Carnuticâ, Corroi and the Gobanios”