The Carnyx Sounds

The Carnyx blows, this time not about Hate groups but rather about reflecting on the thought that there is people behind these words we speak online. I know there are those out there that do not like me. Well, probably the majority of you all, and that’s OK. I came off as stern and straightforward,Continue reading “The Carnyx Sounds”

The Real Druis Part 1 – Basics

Yes, the title is solid and stern, as is the towering oak. I have wanted to write this little article for some time but at the same time a little nervous about speaking my mind on the subject. I do not want to offend those reading, but I feel a strong pull to say whatContinue reading “The Real Druis Part 1 – Basics”

Invocation to Divitiacus

Uediâ (Invocation) I invoke Divitiacus The one who is named Wise Druits and Uercobretos of the Aedui Great guide of the motions of the cosmos Master to that which is hidden Servant to the peace I give offering and thanks to youAdbertâ (Offering) I ask for your great wisdom to help guide me in myContinue reading “Invocation to Divitiacus”

The Druid Snake Egg

This is a heavily pondered topic with many ideas on what the Druid Snake egg is and its meaning. Some modern folks suggest all kinds of things, and they are of value. Well, some are. We will explore a little of this. We will start with the attested documentation from Pliny. There is also aContinue reading “The Druid Snake Egg”

Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uatis, and Druits

The image above is a modified version of a snake from a coin found in the Carnutes territory it is representing the rebirth and renewal of the Bardos, Uatis, and Druits traditions of Gaul into the Modern age. The 3 eggs are added to represent the 3 traditions. Inscrîbatus (Sigil, Mark, Symbol in Gaulish) IContinue reading “Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uatis, and Druits”

Druid Appellation

The purpose of this labeling is to help one another to understand the places one is coming from in their explanation and talking about the druids in their practice. I see a lot of misunderstanding among folks; even heated discussions when talking about Druids of today to ancient Druids from Gaul to Ireland. So reconstruction/re-visioningContinue reading “Druid Appellation”

The Druids That are Named

These are the names of Druids that have been written down in History and Myth. I will not be letting magician, priest, judge any other word that takes the place of Druid be involved in this article if they are not named a Druid then they will not be added. I started this with aContinue reading “The Druids That are Named”

Framework for Druits Îuoi

What we call the sisters today is the keys to the motion These High Days are based on the farming year. These were critical to the Ancestors of ancient times and my opinion is that it was also in Gaul. Now I have nothing of solid evidence that The Druids of Gaul viewed these daysContinue reading “Framework for Druits Îuoi”

Gods of The Carnutes

The Carnutes are known for the home to the famous (Forest of the Carnutes). The sacred Site the Druids would meet. The territory is also were Caesar killed the Popular Warrior Priest. There are a few religious sites (Local sanctuaries) that stayed intact after the Roman Conquest. These are the gods that have been foundContinue reading “Gods of The Carnutes”