These are the Laws of the Druids as it was written down in Ancient times by Diogenes Laertius a Greek Author. This is a literal translation from the source.“The Druids make their pronouncements by means of riddles and dark sayings, teaching that the gods must be worshipped, and no evil is done, and manly behavior maintained.”Diogenes Laertius,Continue reading “THE LAWS OF THE DRUIDS”


600BC Around 500 BC The Gauls had started a series of invasions into Italy. Ambicatus, King of the Bituriges “kings of the world” who ruled over Central Gaul, which is between Hispania and Germany. Ambicatus sent out his nephews Bellovesus and Segovesus to scout more land and invite other tribes to join in. Segovesus wentContinue reading “CARNUTES TIMELINE”


The Named Druid The Aeduan Druid We all try to maintain and do what is right or what we think is right. We seek help from others and in that desperate need get taken advantage of. We see what we are trying to maintain and others see a way to gain more themselves from the thingContinue reading “DIVITIACUS OF THE AEDUI”

Galatis Carnutiacos

The Carnutes were a powerful tribe that sat in the heart of Gaul (France) and occupied an extensive territory between the Sequana (Seine) and Liger (Lorie) Rivers. The map shows the estimated boundary of the territory of the carnutes. THE NAME The name of Carnutes would be framed by a Celtic *karno : irish *carn,Continue reading “Galatis Carnutiacos”

Modern Druidry 101

This has nothing to do with Ancient Druids or my own Practice (Druidobessus Galation)this is about Modern Druidry. The basic elements are here to have a starting point as I get asked these questions a lot, so within you will find some answers. What is Druidry? That is a question with many answers; there isContinue reading “Modern Druidry 101”


We will be talking about the Ancient Gaulish Druids (Druis) which are not the Ancient Irish Druids (Drui), Modern Druids or any of the revival periods. The knowledge we have is from the Classical Commentaries who are Roman and Greek writers mostly from around the 1st century. What the Ancient Druids are not They were notContinue reading “THE ANCIENT DRUIDS”

Accounts of the Ancient Druids

These are some of the classical sources on the Druids. That is Roman and Greek writers. Each section gives you the book and Volume and page number. Cæsar Throughout Gaul there are two classes of persons of definite account and dignity. As for the common folk, they are treated almost as slaves, venturing naught ofContinue reading “Accounts of the Ancient Druids”