Rite of Awen

Often in life, we forget what we are doing and about, which can block our creative energies. Feeling this block can bring us down and into another state of being, which can be unpleasant for ourselves and those around us. To help overcome this, we can turn to the Rite of Awen, a powerful riteContinue reading “Rite of Awen”

Iuoi (Holidays)

Below are the main holidays I wildcrafted for myself in AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America), so I thought I would share them.Within this, there is much Soitos (Magic) happening, meaning I use Gaulish Cosmic principles, Alchemy, and philosophical ideas for the holidays to help one to connect to the earth, self, and theContinue reading “Iuoi (Holidays)”

Cantos Anextlon /Sphere of Protection

This will not be about learning the SOP (Sphear of protection), just my version. There are plenty of places to learn about it. I will have links at the end. I have not changed much, as the format and basic layout resonate with me greatly. I only added a Gaulish twist to reflect my customsContinue reading “Cantos Anextlon /Sphere of Protection”