The Real Drûið Part 1 – Basics

Yes, the title is solid and stern, as is the towering oak. I have wanted to write this little article for some time but, at the same time a little nervous about speaking my mind on the subject. I do not want to offend those reading, but I feel a strong pull to say whatContinue reading “The Real Drûið Part 1 – Basics”

Invocation to Divitiacus

Uediâ (Invocation)I invoke DivitiacusThe one who is namedWise Druits and Uercobretos of the AeduiGreat guide of the motions of the cosmosMaster to that which is hiddenServant to the peaceI give offering and thanks to youAdbertâ (Offering)I ask for your great wisdom to help guide me in my Uissus DruidicosThanks to youCheer to youI praise youContinue reading “Invocation to Divitiacus”

The Druids That are Named

These are the names of Druids that have been written down in History and Myth. I will not let magician, priest, judge, or any other word take the place of Druid. If they are not named a Druid, they will not be involved. I started this with a giant list of Druids, and as IContinue reading “The Druids That are Named”