Iuoi (Holidays)

Below are the main holidays I wildcrafted for myself in AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America), so I thought I would share them.Within this, there is much Soitos (Magic) happening, meaning I use Gaulish Cosmic principles, Alchemy, and philosophical ideas for the holidays to help one to connect to the earth, self, and theContinue reading “Iuoi (Holidays)”

The Drūið and The Uātis Dance with Pleiades

What we call the sisters today are the keys to the motion. These High Days are based on the farming year. These were critical to the Ancestors of ancient times, and I think it was also in Gaul. Now I have nothing of solid evidence that the Senodruides viewed these days at the moment toContinue reading “The Drūið and The Uātis Dance with Pleiades”