The Rite The soul hatches forth, Reborn from the physical into the spiritual. Carnutos On the day of Cutios 2, an Auspicuies day, with favorable winds from the west than the east, I Branos Carnutodrûidon went before the Deuoi and Senodruides, to enter into a get threshold of a rite of passage which bestows uponContinue reading “Druið”

The Druits and Belinos

One Deuoi seems to be very important to the Senogalatis and mainly to the Neo Druids today more than the Gaulish Polytheist out there. I’m speaking of Belinos. Strangely, his worship is not more widespread among us Galatis. Which I find odd, but I never gave him devotion until a few months back. The NameContinue reading “The Druits and Belinos”

More On Drunemeton

A word I Branos am not the leader of Drunemeton; I am, but a Raven on one of the mighty branches within Drunemeton. I am the keeper and the watcher to ensure that the path doesn’t get lost. There can be no leader as it would defeat the purpose of Drunemeton. We are all equalContinue reading “More On Drunemeton”

The Carnyx Sounds, Harken the words

Catus Alisiâs is upon us as this time harkens a call to reflect on the days of old and the struggles that befell upon Gaul. We the Carnutes have felt many blows since the trembling hooves of Ceasar’s storm. We were the first to start the fire against the oppression in our territory. Others followedContinue reading “The Carnyx Sounds, Harken the words”

Uatis Studies – Samolouissus Gaulish Herb List

Samolouissus – Plant Knowledge Below is a list of herbs, our Senogalatis and Senodruides used. We are unsure exactly how the Gauls utilized some of these. Did the Gauls use them how Dioscorides, Pliny, Marcellus Empiricus, and others lay out how to use each herb? I would think it would be in the same realmContinue reading “Uatis Studies – Samolouissus Gaulish Herb List”

Gortiâ Artuânon

I have a deep passion for Cemeteries, and I love to go and read the names on the markers (Gravestone). I love to pick up trash and just the general vibe I get being in them. It helps me to gather energy there. It is the most sacred space on earth. I always wanted toContinue reading “Gortiâ Artuânon”

Into the well, Out into the valley

Awake from your slumbers I awakened by the gentle voice of Nantoseulta pulling me up. I stare into her eyes and feel a great peace knowing that all is well—her long flowing hair dancing in the breeze. She takes my hand, and we walk in her stream. Passing by the now of time coming andContinue reading “Into the well, Out into the valley”

The Real Druis Part 1 – Basics

Yes, the title is solid and stern, as is the towering oak. I have wanted to write this little article for some time but at the same time a little nervous about speaking my mind on the subject. I do not want to offend those reading, but I feel a strong pull to say whatContinue reading “The Real Druis Part 1 – Basics”

Attakulla (Mt Michell)

Our next walk with Bituatîs takes us to Attakulla Attakulla – Ata-gul is a Cherokee word, I’m still trying to find the meaning of the name. I know it has something to do with Wood.  Attakulla one of my favorite places to go; this is the highest point in Eastern North America, standing tall atContinue reading “Attakulla (Mt Michell)”

Craggy Pinnacle

Craggy Pinnacle is located north of Asheville on the Blueridge parkway around milepost 364.1. It’s a 5,892-ft summit to the top. This is part of the Craggy Gardens area in the Pisgah National forest. This is a straightforward hike and a short hike to get to the summit. It can be 20 degrees or soContinue reading “Craggy Pinnacle”