Goddess of the Carnutes TribeAcionna is known from an inscription discovered in 1823, 35 meters deep in a well. The well-named Fontaine l’Etuvée at a place known as Clos de la Belle-Croix outside of Orleans. the inscription reads. “Sacred to the August Acionna, Capillius, son of Illiomarus, (offered) this portico with its ornaments and paidContinue reading “Acionna”

Menman Alisiâs Rite

Opening We enter your sacred space Nemetona, clean and pure.(Pause and enter saying the above) I light the great flame of Aidonâ and cast the boundary of Orbion around this Nemeton and our greater community. (Walk in a circle around the border and light each torch. Light one torch and complete the circle like the next andContinue reading “Menman Alisiâs Rite”

Invocation to Cotuatus

Uediâ (Invocation) I invoke Cotuatus Holder of the voice and the spear Warrior Priest of the Carnutes Those of the Horns Master of Îanolabâ (Right Speech) Destoyer of oppression Great freedom fighter of the Galatis You showed us Uâriâ (duty) I give offering and thanks to you Adbertâ (Offering) I ask for your strength to help me with facing myContinue reading “Invocation to Cotuatus”

Invocation to Divitiacus

Uediâ (Invocation) I invoke Divitiacus The one who is named Wise Druits and Uercobretos of the Aedui Great guide of the motions of the cosmos Master to that which is hidden Servant to the peace I give offering and thanks to youAdbertâ (Offering) I ask for your great wisdom to help guide me in myContinue reading “Invocation to Divitiacus”


Tegos Branorunânon ( House of Raven Secret’s) Deuoi Nemetona her name meaning She of the sacred grove.She is a goddess of the Sacred Grove.We have a reference to what supposedly a Nemeton would look like by Lucan, a Roman poet in his works, Pharsalia, iii. 399 – 425 No bird nested in the nemeton, nor didContinue reading “Nemetona”

Gods of The Carnutes

The Carnutes are known for the home to the famous (Forest of the Carnutes). The sacred Site the Druids would meet. The territory is also were Caesar killed the Popular Warrior Priest. There are a few religious sites (Local sanctuaries) that stayed intact after the Roman Conquest. These are the gods that have been foundContinue reading “Gods of The Carnutes”


600BC Around 500 BC The Gauls had started a series of invasions into Italy. Ambicatus, King of the Bituriges “kings of the world” who ruled over Central Gaul, which is between Hispania and Germany. Ambicatus sent out his nephews Bellovesus and Segovesus to scout more land and invite other tribes to join in. Segovesus wentContinue reading “CARNUTES TIMELINE”